Sometimes I just don’t know when to stop eating and that’s when things like this happen – I eat an entire chocolate egg filled with ice cream.

I’m not entirely sure why I am sharing this, as this isn’t the usual content you’d find on It’s A Stampede!, but maybe I just need to confess what just happened. They say ‘confession is good for the soul’, right?

So yeah, inspired by a Cadbury’s post I saw on social media this morning I decided to make this monstrosity.

I broke the top off an Easter egg, dropped the broken pieces inside the egg, then threw in a crumbled up flake and added some caramel sauce. I then topped that with Madagascan vanilla ice cream, added more caramel sauce and popped another flake in the top.

Then I ate it.

I don’t feel good about myself, but I do feel less guilty now I’ve made this confession.