1939611_10152330990001614_504759512_nWelcome to It’s A Stampede!, a pop culture blog covering movies, TV, comics, toys and more. I’m Alex Wiggan (that’s me being all dynamic with a GameCube controller) and the aim of my blog is to keep you/me/everyone informed about all the latest entertainment news, while bombarding you with pop culture posts.

Over the coming days/weeks/years* (*please delete as applicable) I will be filling It’s A Stampede! with various news pieces, stories and features from the world of pop culture & entertainment.

Regular posts will include: ‘The Great Stampede‘ – an info hub covering all manner of subjects; ‘Out of the Toy Box‘ – a focus on toys (both new and old); The Video Vault – a stash of great music videos; and ‘On this day in geekdom‘ – a daily geek-filled post.

My blog will have a pretty informal style, making it easily accessible to all, but ultimately I want to create a space that is fun, informative to read and a go-to place for escapism. Should you have suggestions for blog content; should you have something you want me to review; or should you simply want to comment, please get in touch via the contact button.

It’s A Stampede! is as much my blog as it is yours – so let’s build something awesome together!


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