In 1989, television sitcom, Roseanne, aired the hilarious episode ‘BOO!’. The spooky story was broadcast to coincide with the Halloween period, to provide the popular sitcom with wise-crackin’ bit of fun and merriment over the spooky season.

Due to the popularity of the episode, with audiences loving this bit of Halloween fun, the writing team behind Roseanne decided to make Halloween episodes a regular thing moving forward. Continuing the following year, the show incorporated Halloween episodes into almost all future seasons, providing audiences with some frighteningly good fan-favourite episodes along the way.

And when the Roseanne spin-off show, The Conners began airing in 2018, this little Halloween tradition continued. The Conners incorporated a Halloween episode into each new season, to maintain the fun!

But if you’re new to Roseanne and The Conners, you absolutely adore Halloween, and you simply want to check out the Halloween episodes of both shows, what are the episodes you need to hunt down? And more importantly, how many Halloween episodes of Roseanne and The Conners are there?!

Well, I have the answers to those very questions! And for all the gruesomely good details and more, all you need do is keep on reading!



Every Halloween episode of Roseanne and The Conners in order

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During the course of its ten-season run, Roseanne featured a whoppin’ eight Halloween-themed episodes – with one episode appearing every season, apart from the first and the last. If you wish to seek out all of the episodes (and I’m pretty sure you do) then simply follow this list:

  • BOO! Roseanne: Season Two, Episode Seven (1989)
  • Trick or Treat Roseanne: Season Three, Episode Seven (1990)
  • Trick Me Up, Trick Me Down Roseanne: Season Four, Episode Six (1991)
  • Halloween IVRoseanne: Season Five, Episode Seven (1992)
  • Halloween VRoseanne: Season Six, Episode Six (1993)
  • Skeleton in the Closet Roseanne: Season Seven, Episode Six (1994)
  • Halloween: The Final ChapterRoseanne: Season Eight, Episode Five (1995)
  • Satan, DarlingRoseanne: Season Nine, Episode Seven (1996)
  • As for The Conners, this sitcom started airing Halloween episodes from Season One onward. The episodes are as follows:
  • There Won’t Be BloodThe Conners: Season One, Episode Three (2018)
  • Nightmare on Lunch Box StreetThe Conners: Season Two, Episode Five (2019)
  • Halloween and the Election vs. The PandemicThe Conners: Season Three, Episode Two (2020)
  • Peter Pan, The Backup Plan, Adventures in Babysitting, and a River Runs Through It!The Conners: Season Four, Episode Five (2021)

Track down the above episodes, via streaming, DVD, or good ol’ fashioned TV re-runs, and you’ll have all the Halloween Roseanne and The Conners fun you could ever wish for!



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