In 1990, author Patricia Cornwell published the crime novel, Postmortem. The book followed the story of Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Chief Medical Examiner for the Commonwealth of Virginia, who finds herself part of an investigation involving a collection of unsolved murders.   

Upon release, Postmortem proved popular with readers and was soon followed by a second novel in 1991, called Body of Evidence. This time around Scarpetta investigates the murder of a romance novelist.

Further novels followed in the coming years, with Cornwell building an entire series of stories around Scarpetta. But how many Kay Scarpetta novels are there?

If you’re new to Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta book series, or you simply want a refresher, keep on reading for a full list of all the books that have been published so far.



A list of the Kay Scarpetta books in order

Below is a list of all the Kay Scarpetta books that have been published so far. The list is presented in publishing order:

  • Postmortem (1990)
  • Body of Evidence (1991)
  • All That Remains (1992)
  • Cruel and Unusual (1993)
  • The Body Farm (1994)
  • From Potter’s Field (1995)
  • Cause of Death (1996)
  • Unnatural Exposure (1997)
  • Point of Origin (1998)
  • Black Notice (1999)
  • The Last Precinct (2000)
  • Blow Fly (2003)
  • Trace (2004)
  • Predator (2005)
  • Book of the Dead (2007)
  • Scarpetta (2008)
  • The Scarpetta Factor (2009)
  • Port Mortuary (2010)
  • Red Mist (2011)
  • The Bone Bed (2012)
  • Dust (2013)
  • Flesh and Blood (2014)
  • Depraved Heart (2015)
  • Chaos (2016)
  • Autopsy (2021)
  • Livid (2022)


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