In 2019, American novelist Dean Koontz published In the Heart of the Fire, the first novella in his Nameless series of books. The book – which was published electronically through Amazon Kindle – told the story of a vigilante, who travels to a small Texas town to dispense justice against a bloodthirsty sheriff.  

Running to around 60-pages in length, In the Heart of the Fire offered readers a short, sharp burst of story. It was then followed by further tales in the Nameless series, including Photographing the Dead and The Praying Mantis Bride, amongst others.

In total, six entries were published in the first season of Nameless, with further books following in 2021. But what are the books and what is the correct reading order?

Well, if you’re new to Nameless, but you’re keen to jump on board this novella collection, then keep on reading for all the details. Below you will find a list of all the titles in the Nameless series, listed in chronological order.



List of Dean Koontz Nameless books

Image: ©Amazon/Dean Koontz

The Nameless books are divided into ‘Seasons’ beginning with Season One, then continuing with Season Two. So, if you wish to read through all of the Nameless books in chronological order, you need to read them as follows:

Season One

  • 1) In the Heart of the Fire (2019)
  • 2) Photographing the Dead (2019)
  • 3) The Praying Mantis Bride (2019)
  • 4) Red Rain (2019)
  • 5) The Mercy of Snakes (2019)
  • 6) Memories of Tomorrow (2019)

Season Two

  • 1) The Lost Soul of the City (2021)
  • 2) Gentle is the Angel of Death (2021)
  • 3) Kaleidoscope (2021)
  • 4) Light Has Weight, but Darkness Does Not (2021)
  • 5) Corkscrew (2021)
  • 6) Zero In (2021)


Thank you for taking the time to read this post about the Dean Koontz Nameless novels. I hope the information has proved useful and has sent you on a new literary journey of wonder.

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