In 1986, The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers blasted its way onto TV screens. The animated series, set in the year 2086, was a high-action sci-fi Western, with stunning animation and a kick-ass theme tune.

The series revolved around Zachary Foxx, Shane ‘Goose’ Gooseman, Doc Hartford and Niko – a group of law enforcement officers collectively known as the Galaxy Rangers. Each Ranger was fitted with a Series 5 brain implant – a piece of tech to enhance their abilities – and their mission was to protect Earth and its allies from the forces of evil.

The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers ran for one season, running a total of 65 episodes and developed a loyal following. It may not have hit the same commercial heights as say, ThunderCats or Transformers, but for fans it was a jewel in the crown of ‘80s cartoons and remains a series to revisit.

In this post I am highlighting the best episodes of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. Whether you’re a long-time fan or you’re a newbie, these are the stories to check out.


The 13 best episodes of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers

Here are the best episodes of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers. If you don’t have time to watch the entire show, be sure to hunt down these stories.

New Frontier (Episode Two)

The Rangers are sent out on their first mission – to investigate the Queen of the Crown, and learn the truth behind a series of kidnappings. They soon discover the Queen is abducting aliens – including Eliza Foxx (aka Zachary’s wife) – to psychically power an army of slaves!


Ghost Station (Episode Eight)

In Ghost Station, the Rangers investigate a mysterious, and potentially deadly space station, which is drifting toward Earth. Although the station contains no lifeforms, it would appear to contain some ‘afterlife forms’.

But is the space station really haunted, or is something even more sinister taking place?


Queen’s Lair (Episode Fifteen)

The Queen of the Crown has built a weapon, capable of devastating planets. Unless 5,000 humans are delivered to the Queen, she plans to harness the power of the weapon to produce devastating consequences!

Queen’s Lair is an exhilarating episode, which sees the Rangers sent on a deadly mission to halt the Queen’s tyranny. The episode borrows heavily from Return of the Jedi (1983), yet still manages to do its own thing and look cool in the process – this is a MUST watch.

Scarecrow (Episode Nineteen)

On a seemingly low-key agricultural assignment, Goose and Niko cross paths with the Scarecrow – a malevolent force who terrorises the night. The Scarecrow is a truly horrifying villain, in what turns out to be an unsettling episode.


The Power Within (Episode Twenty)

In The Power Within the Rangers are kidnapped and forced to take part in a bizarre game. If they survive, they win their freedom – but they have to triumph without the aid of their Series 5 implants, and that is easier said than done. 

Psychocrypt (Episode Twenty-Three)

Haunted by visions of his lost wife, Zachary Foxx temporarily breaks ranks and sets out on a mission to face the Queen of the Crown. His fellow Rangers are sent to retrieve him, leading to an action-packed episode loaded with fantastic imagery and a stand-off between friends.


Armada (Episode Twenty-Seven)

Love epic space battles? Then Armada is the episode for you. 

Pretty much the entire episode is about the Galaxy Rangers (and Captain Kidd) locked in a huge space battle with the Queen’s armada, which is led by the villainous Lazarus Slade. It is a dramatic episode and a very cool one too.


Shoot Out (Episode Thirty-Nine)

In this episode, The Queen of the Crown invites contestants to take part in a shoot out. This is a grand event with a coveted prize – a psycho crystal containing the essence of Eliza Foxx.

The Galaxy Rangers are sent to investigate the competition and if possible, obtain the crystal. But the Queen is prepared for such an intervention and obtaining the crystal might not be so easy.


Boomtown (Episode 46)

The Queen of the Crown continues her reign of terror, bringing it to a town rich in valuable Starstones. She wants the precious material and sends in a collection of troopers to achieve her goal. 

Troopers, bandits and everyone else with a vested interest in obtaining the Starstones descend on the town. Realising they are out-gunned, but certainly not out-smarted, Zachary Fox and Doc Hartford temporally deputise the town’s citizens to readjust the balance. 

Super Troopers (Episode 47)

Super Troopers takes a look at Goose’s past. The story features a significant flashback to the Super Trooper Program – the birth place of Goose’s bio-defence abilities, and explains why almost all of the Troopers went rogue.


Galaxy Stranger (Episode 48)

In Galaxy Stranger, Goose is sent on a mission to investigate a businessman who is trying to obtain land from local farmers. However, the mission takes on an added wrinkle when Goose encounters two of his old colleagues from the Super Trooper Program.


Trouble at Texton (Episode 56)

Trouble at Texton sees the Rangers sent to investigate Dr. Obgrabco – a scientist experimenting with particle collisions. Obgrabco appears to have lost his mind, and is putting everyone in danger, including Goose who finds himself merged with a computer program.


Tower of Combat (Episode Sixty-Two)

And finallyin Tower of Combat the villainous General kidnaps Zachary Foxx, Doc Hartford, and their associates, and threatens to transform them into replicants. It is up to Goose and Nico to mount a rescue, traversing a deadly obstacle course to locate their friends.



To recap, the 13 best episodes of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers are as follows:

  • New Frontier (Episode Two)
  • Ghost Station (Episode Eight)
  • Queen’s Lair (Episode Fifteen)
  • Scarecrow (Episode Nineteen)
  • The Power Within (Episode Twenty)
  • Psychocrypt (Episode Twenty-Three)
  • Armada (Episode Twenty-Seven)
  • Shoot Out (Episode Thirty-Nine)
  • Boomtown (Episode Forty-Six)
  • Super Troopers (Episode Forty-Seven)
  • Galaxy Stranger (Episode Forty-Eight)
  • Trouble at Texton (Episode Fifty-Six)
  • Tower of Combat (Episode Sixty-Two)

If you have never watched a single episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers, I highly recommend you work your way through the episodes listed above. The Adventures of the Galaxy is a beautifully animated show, with a bitchin’ soundtrack and plenty of action.

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