In 1993, author James Patterson published the novel, Along Came a Spider. The book – a mystery thriller about a high-profile kidnapping – introduced readers to the main protagonist in the story, forensic psychologist, Alex Cross.

Cross proved to be a popular character, and in 1995 he reappeared in Patterson’s follow-up novel, Kiss the Girls. This in turn was followed by a third story in 1996, Jack & Jill, as well as a fourth in 1997, Cat and Mouse, and a fifth in 1999, Pop Goes the Weasel (1999).

From 2000 onward, Cross continued to appear in a succession of novels on an annual basis, furthering his story and his world. But how many Alex Cross books are there?

In this post I am providing a list of all the Alex Cross books in order, from Along Came a Spider right through to the most recent entry in the series. So, if you have always wanted to read James Patterson’s Alex Cross books, but were unsure where to begin, this is the list for you!



The Alex Cross books in order

To date, there are 29 books in the regular Alex Cross books series, along with two novellas (aka Alex Cross BookShots). Below is a rundown of all the books in order, including the novellas, so if you wish to read them, use the following list:

  • 1) Along Came a Spider (1993)
  • 2) Kiss the Girls (1995)
  • 3) Jack & Jill (1996)
  • 4) Cat and Mouse (1997)
  • 5) Pop Goes the Weasel (1999)
  • 6) Roses are Red (2000)
  • 7) Violets are Blue (2001)
  • 8) Four Blind Mice (2002)
  • 9) The Big Bad Wolf (2003)
  • 10) London Bridges (2004)
  • 11) Mary, Mary (2005)
  • 12) Cross (2006)
  • 13) Double Cross (2007)
  • 14) Cross Country (2008)
  • 15) Alex Cross’s Trial (2009)
  • 16) I, Alex Cross (2009)
  • 17) Cross Fire (2010)
  • 18) Kill Alex Cross (2011)
  • 19) Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (2012)
  • 20) Alex Cross, Run (2013)
  • 21) Cross My Heart (2013)
  • 22) Hope to Die (2014)
  • 23) Cross Justice (2015)
  • 24) Cross the Line (2016)
  • *Cross Kill (2016)
  • *Detective Cross (2017)
  • 25) The People vs. Alex Cross (2017)
  • 26) Target: Alex Cross (2018)
  • 27) Criss Cross (2019)
  • 28) Deadly Cross (2020)
  • 29) Fear No Evil (2021)

*Please note: Cross Kill and Detective Cross are two novellas published under the banner heading of ‘Alex Cross BookShots’. These are short stories, which slot in between books 24 and 25.



Ali Cross books in order

In addition to the books listed above, the Alex Cross book series has also produced a spin-off series focusing on Alex’s son, Ali. To date, the Ali Cross series has included two books, published in the following order:

  • Ali Cross (2019)
  • Ali Cross – Like Father, Like Son (2021)


If you’re a James Patterson fan, or you’re keen to get into the Alex Cross book series, then you may wish to know that all of the books are currently available in print – including the Alex Cross BookShots, as well as the Ali Cross books.

As detailed above, the first book in the series is Along Came a Spider – making this the ideal starting point for any collection. The book is available in paperback, as well as a digital edition.

Along Came a Spider is available from all good book stockists, however, I find Amazon UK and Amazon US competitively priced.


I hope this information about the Alex Cross bookseries has proved useful and has sent you on a new journey with this popular literary character. Should you wish to expand your knowledge on more crime/thriller-related stories, be sure to check out the recommended reads below.

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