Ahead of the WandaVision season finale, which arrives on Disney+ on Friday, I am currently re-watching the show. I’m doing this because a.) WandaVision is an incredibly inventive piece of television that deserves multiple viewings, and b.) I want to see what I may have missed in this densely-packed, story-rich show. 

And let me tell you now, on my second screening I am picking up on a great deal of content I missed the first time around. The dialogue gives away so much about what is happening in the series and it is all cleverly hidden with misdirection.

For example, in the first ep, when Wanda and Vision are hosting dinner for Vision’s boss and his wife, the dinner takes a worrying turn when Mr. Hart begins to choke. During this scene, Mrs. Hart seems to make light of the situation, playfully repeating the line “stop it” – to tell her husband to quit joking around.

To the audience it seems like Mrs. Hart is acting strange by scolding her husband, while he’s potentially dying, and it is all in keeping with the weirdness of the show. But on my second viewing I could see that Mrs. Hart is not just acting weird and saying the “stop it” line to her husband – she is actually saying it to Wanda.

Mrs. Hart is telling Wanda to stop her mental control over the people of Westview. Her control is dangerous and people will get hurt as a result.

I didn’t pick up on this when I watched the series the first time around, but knowing how the series has played out, it is easier to spot.

It’s a bit like when you watch the movie, The Sixth Sense (1999) for the first time, and even though the twist is obvious when you think about it, you don’t notice during the initial screening. However, when you watch the movie the second time, you see all the clues are hidden in plain sight.

And if so much of the plot is hidden in plain sight, could this mean a secret character is hidden in plain sight too? I have a feeling the answer to this question is ‘yes’.

Image: ©Marvel Comics

Many have speculated that Marvel’s Mephisto will somehow be involved in the events of WandaVision. For those unfamiliar with Mephisto, he’s effectively the devil in the Marvel Universe and in the comics he shares a connection to Wanda.

I’m going to add my voice to those who believe Mephisto is part of this show. And with days to go until the series finale, I’m going to predict he is a mystery character currently hiding in plain sight.

My theory is that Mephisto is masquerading as Dottie Jones – a Westview resident introduced in WandaVision’s second episode. If my theory plays out, either Wanda has either done some kind of deal with Dottie, to ensure she has the perfect family in Westview, or Agatha Harkness is working for Dottie/Mephisto and the character will be revealed to be the big bad of the series.

Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

And I believe in this theory because of clues in the dialogue. Let me give you some examples: 

Agatha Harkness – “Dottie is the key to everything in this town. Country club memberships, parties, school admissions.”

Wanda – “Well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Agatha Harkness – “You get in with Dottie and it’ll be smooth sailing from here on out. Just mind your Ps and Qs and you’re gonna do just fine.”


Dottie Jones – “The devil’s in the details, Bev.”

Agatha – “That’s not the only place he is.”


Dottie Jones – “All of this is for the children.”

Everyone – “For the children.”

Wanda – “For the children.”

The dialogue repeatedly hints that Dottie is more than she appears to be. The first example hints that maybe Dottie is in charge of everything we are seeing in WandaVision; the second example suggests the devil could be hiding in the show; and the finsl example could be a hint that Wanda made a deal with the devil to give birth to her children, Billy and Tommy.

And that got me thinking; if Dottie is Mephisto, then the name Dottie must be significant. Dottie is an abbreviation of the name ‘Dorothy’ and in 1939, Dorothy L Sayers, wrote a play called The Devil to Pay.

I’m not familiar with the play, so I Googled it. And this descriptive blurb appeared:

Now, doesn’t that description sound like it fits in with WandaVision?

I could be way off here; hints about Dottie being Mephisto could be a red herring or more misdirection and I could simply be reading far too much into the dialogue. But what if? What if Agatha Harkness isn’t the big villain of the show, and there is still one more reveal to come?

I guess we will find out on Friday.



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