In 2014, New Zealand detective drama, The Brokenwood Mysteries made its television debut. The series – set in the fictional town of Brokenwood – tells the story of Mike Shepherd, a Detective Senior Sergeant who finds himself solving a string of murder cases, after moving to a seemingly quiet town.

Neill Rea stars in the series as Shepherd, alongside a cast that includes Fern Sutherland, Nic Sampson, and Pana Hema Taylor. Guest stars have so far included Ben Barrington, Amanda Billing, Alison Bruce, Stuart Devenie, and Mark Hadlow, amongst many others.

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Since hitting TV screens, The Brokenwood Mysteries has aired a new season every year, with the exception of 2020, when the show was temporarily off air. However, The Brokenwood Mysteries returned in 2021 for a new season, and has continued to clock up a collection of new episodes in the process.

But how many episodes of The Brokenwood Mysteries are there?

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As of June 2021, there are 30 episodes of The Brokenwood Mysteries. The episodes are spread across seven seasons, with an average of four episodes per season (six episodes in Season Seven).

The episodes are as follows:

Season One

  • 1 Blood and Water
  • 2 Sour Grapes
  • 3 Playing the Lie
  • 4 Hunting the Stag

Season Two

  • 5 Leather & Lace
  • 6 To Die or Not to Die
  • 7 Catch of the Die
  • 8 Blood Pink

Season Three

  • 9 The Black Widower
  • 10 Over Her Dead Body
  • 11 The Killing Machine
  • 12 A Merry Bloody Christmas

Season Four

  • 13 Fall From Grace
  • 14 Stone Cold Dead
  • 15 The Scarecrow
  • 16 As If Nothing Had Happened

Season Five

  • 17 Scared to Death
  • 18 Bride Not to Be
  • 19 Tontine
  • 20 The Dark Angel

Season Six

  • 21 The Power of Steam
  • 22 A Real Page Turner
  • 23 Dead Men Don’t Shoot Ducks
  • 24 Dead and Buried

Season Seven

  • 25 The Garotte and the Vinkelbraun
  • 26 The Witches of Brokenwood
  • 27 Dog Day Morning
  • 28 Something Nasty in the Market
  • 29 Exposed to the Light
  • 30 Here’s To You, Mrs. Robinson


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