If you’re a huge fan of the Aurora Teagarden Mystery movies, then you have probably watched each film once, twice, maybe even three times. Heck, there is a good chance that you are on your eighth viewing – and there’s nothing wrong with that.

But if you have reached the stage where you would now like to expand your viewing habits, where do you go? Is there something else you could watch that will entertain you in the same way that the Aurora Teagarden movies do?

Well, yes, you do have options.

The Aurora Teagarden movies are a series of mystery films from Hallmark and in recent years Hallmark has built up an extensive portfolio of similar mystery movies which have proved very popular with audiences. As an Aurora Teagarden fan, you are probably aware of many of these Hallmark movies, but have you tried any of them out?

If the answer is no, then perhaps now is the time to dip into a different collection.

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If you’re looking for an alternative to watch, then you could try the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery movies. The series – which stars Jesse Metcalf and Sarah Lind – began in 2020, and offers up a great collection of stories.

Alternatively, if the Martha’s Vineyard Mystery movies aren’t quite for you, what about the Murder, She Baked movies? The murder mystery series, which stars Alison Sweeney and Cameron Mathison, is based on a very successful collection of books, centred around store owner turned sleuth, Hannah Swensen.

The Murder, She Baked movies are a big hit with audiences, and likewise, the original book series from author Joanna Fluke continues to remain popular with readers. And did you know, the books have been in publication since 2001 and there are already over 30 Hannah Swensen stories in print! If you like the movies, maybe the book series could be another avenue for you.

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Moving back to movies, and other Hallmark mystery films you could try include the Flower Shop Mystery movies, the Crossword Mysteries, or the Emma Fielding Mysteries. Each movie series offers something different, while still remaining in a similar field to Aurora Teagarden.

And if you want even more, what about the Ruby Herring Mysteries? Or maybe the Gourmet Detective movies or the Matchmaker Mysteries? Hallmark has plenty of super sleuths on its payroll and with so many crimes to solve, there are so many paths to take for your entertainment.

And if you fancy branching out a little further, while still maintaining the crime-focused angle, you might want to consider the Jesse Stone movies. The film series – which stars Tom Selleck as police chief, Jesse Stone – has a very loyal following, and could become your new favourite movie series.

It is certainly a series to check out, especially as Tom Selleck has made the role of Stone his own – a true highlight of the movies. There are currently nine entries in the Jesse Stone collection, and while these weren’t originally Hallmark movies, in recent years Hallmark has taken the series under its wing.


All of the above options from Hallmark will offer you a good mix of drama and mystery, but you don’t have to just stop there – have you considered taking a look at some of the classic murder-mystery shows from other networks? Shows that you may have previously overlooked, such as Columbo?

Columbo is one of the best-loved and most enduring murder-mystery shows of the past, and if you have never watched the series, you are really missing out – it really is a treat. The series was hugely successful during its original run, attracted a wealth of famous guest stars, and enthralled millions of audiences.

The beauty of Columbo is that due to its popularity, the show is regularly re-run worldwide. So, even if you don’t have access to the series at present, it will no doubt pop up in the TV listings in the not-too distant future – and as soon as it does, be sure to check out.

There are so many great episodes, but be sure to seek out the Steven Spielberg directed episode, Murder by the Book. In terms of murder mystery stories, it is one of the best episodes of television, ever!

And if you want to dive even further into other crime-related shows, have you ever considered trying out a British crime show? From White House Farm to Broadchurch, there are plenty to choose from.

These shows are very different to the Aurora Teagarden movies, but if you really like stories with a mystery/crime angle, and you feel like sinking your teeth into something gritty and hard-hitting, then this could be for you. I have previously published a post about the 20 best British crime shows, so be sure to take a look if you are intrigued.

As mentioned above, these shows are a whole different track, so don’t expect the same experience as Aurora Teagarden, but if you are looking for new stories, there is some gold to be mined here. And who knows, maybe you will discover your new favourite series hidden amongst these suggestions.

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Hopefully this post has given you some ideas for new movies and shows to try out, if you are ready to expand beyond Aurora Teagarden. These suggestions don’t have to replace your favourite movie series, but they can certainly offer you an alternative.


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