Do you associate Christmas with the actress, Candace Cameron Bure? 

No? Maybe?

Come to think of it… yes?

Well, if you DO associate Candace Cameron Bure with Christmas, it is because the actress has appeared in an increasing number of festive films! Yep, you’re not going crazy, the actress does keep popping up at Christmas time.


Bure’s first brush with Crimbo came in 2008, when she played the (appropriately named) role of Holly in Moonlight & Mistletoe. From here, she appeared in The Heart of Christmas (2011), Let it Snow (2013) and many more.

Bure’s CV isn’t exclusively festive, but she does seem to like the holiday season.

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But what are all of these festive features? And is there a list you can look at, to tick off the Bure portfolio?!

Yes. Yes there is.

Read on for the details.


A list of every Candace Cameron Bure Christmas movie

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Forget Home Alone, forget The Muppet Christmas Carol, and forget Die Hard (which IS a Christmas movie), you came to this post for one reason and one reason only – you want a list of Candace Cameron Bure’s Christmas movies. Well, by Jove, that’s what you are getting.


And without further delay here it is – all of the movies in one go! These are the Candace Cameron Bure Christmas movies: 

  • Moonlight & Mistletoe (2008
  • The Heart of Christmas (2011)
  • Let it Snow (2013)
  • Christmas Under Wraps (2014)
  • A Christmas Detour (2015)
  • Journey Back to Christmas (2016)
  • Switched for Christmas (2017)
  • A Shoe Addict’s Christmas (2018)
  • Christmas Town (2019)
  • If I Only Had Christmas (2020)
  • The Christmas Contest (2021)

To date, Candace Cameron Bure has appeared in eleven Christmas movies. This is not quite as many as her collection of Aurora Teagarden films, but it is still pretty impressive.

I’m also pretty sure this list is set to increase in the coming years. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it!

Image: ©Hallmark

So, when you are planning your next holiday movie marathon, be sure to keep this list somewhere safe. You never know when you might need your next fix of Bure festivities.

Oh, and happy viewing.


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