In 1988, Topps released a trading card set called Dinosaurs Attack!. The set featured blood thirsty images of dinosaurs causing havoc to modern day life, and was freakin’ awesome!

For those who don’t recall Dinosaurs Attack!, the cards were gruesome little collectibles featuring scenes usually reserved for horror movies. I’m talking gross-out carnage that wipes the floor with anything seen in the average monster movie!

In fact, these cards would provide the concept/premise for an awesome horror film! So, where the heck is the Dinosaurs Attack! movie?


What is Dinosaurs Attack!?

Dinosaurs Attack 2

Comprising 55 base cards and 11 stickers, Dinosaurs Attack! cards was a trading card set which featured some truly exceptional artwork. The entire run, from card #1 through to card #55, told a complete story filled with tragedy and triumph and it was thrilling (and unnerving) for young collectors.

The story saw dinosaurs unleashed in modern times. The dinosaurs go on a killing spree, bumping off countless humans with careless abandon, and then lay waste to the land in the process.

Sounds cool, right?


The cards were similar in tone to the old Mars Attacks trading cards, i.e. they played heavy on shock value. And while the cards may not have been as popular or as well remembered as Mars Attacks, they were equally as dynamic.


Why should Dinosaurs Attack! be turned into a movie?

Dinosaurs Attack 3

While the front of each card provided terrifying scenes of deadly dinos, the back of each card offered up the story, giving a blow-by-blow account of the horror as it unfolded. Back then, this story enhanced the imagery, but take a look now and these could be the blueprints (or storyboards) for an entire movie!

So, what gives?! Where is the movie?

*Shrugs shoulders*

Bar some mild rumblings that Tim Burton was once considering Dinosaurs Attack! as a viable movie project (over Mars Attacks no less), there’s never really been any discussions of a Dinosaurs Attack! movie. To me, this seems odd – especially as this is a ready-made project for the right director – but hey, I don’t green-light motion pictures.

If I did, I’d definitely be giving this one the thumbs up. Jurassic Park meets Mars Attacks? Sounds like a winner in my book.

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