In 2009, The Collector stalked its way into cinemas. The film – a horror movie about a masked killer who sets deathtraps – wasn’t a hit with the critics, but it developed a cult following with audiences, and became a small financial success. 

So, how many Collector films are there?


The Collector films in order

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To date, there are two Collector films. The films – produced between 2009 and 2012 – include:

  • The Collector (2009)
  • The Collection (2012)

Are all of the Collector movies part of the same series?

Both The Collector and The Collection are part of the same series, with the films following running in chronological order.


Who are the cast of the Collector movies?

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Notable actors in the Collector film series include Josh Stewart, Michael Reilly Burke, Andrea Roth, Juan Fernández, Christopher McDonald and Randall Archer.

Is the Collector series the work of the same director?

The Collector films are the work of director Marcus Dunstan.

What is the best Collector film?

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According to IMDb, the Collector films are ranked as follows:

  • The Collector (2009) – 6.4/10
  • The Collection (2012) – 6.1/10

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