In 2014, Creep made its way into cinemas. The psychological found footage horror film, about an videographer who befriends an unhinged stranger, was embraced by audiences and developed a cult following.

But how many Creep films are there?

The Creep films in order

Image: ©Blumhouse

To date, there are two Creep films. The films – produced between 2014 and 2017 – include:

  • Creep (2014)
  • Creep 2 (2017)

Hang on, wasn’t there a Creep film in 2004?!

Image: ©Pathé

In 2004, Pathé did release a British-German horror, called Creep. The film was set in the London Underground and starred Franka Potente and Jeremy Sheffield.

But Creep 2004 has nothing to do with the found footage films noted above. It is not part of the same series, they simply share a name.

Are all of the Creep movies part of the same series?

The two Creep films are part of the same series, with events told in chronological order.


Who are the cast of the Creep films?

Image: ©Blumhouse

As the Creep film series is produced on a very low budget, the cast is equally small. Notable cast members in the Creep series include: Mark Duplass, Patrick Brice, Katie Aselton, Desiree Akhavan, and Karan Soni.

Is the Creep series the work of the same director?

Both entries in the Creep series are the work of director Patrick Brice, who also plays a significant role in the first film.


What is the best Creep film?

According to IMDb, the Creep films are ranked as follows:

  • Creep 2 (2017) – 6.4/10
  • Creep (2014) – 6.3/10

I hope this information about the Creep movie series has proved useful. Should you wish to know more about other long-running movie series, please check out one of the recommended reads below.

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