Good morning folks,

Welcome to the final edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’!

I have been posting this newsletter on a daily basis for a month, as a way of providing everyone – regular readers and casual followers alike – with something to occupy their time. The content has been a little random (to say the least) but I really hope it has given you all some respite in these strange days.

We’ve shared good times (my food) and some bad (my broken laptop), but the important thing to remember is we are now a month on from when we started; so we are closer to normality. Hurrah!

I have decided to bring these daily posts to an end, in order to concentrate on my regular content on my blogs. So, although this is the final edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’, there is still plenty of neat posts appearing regularly on It’s A Stampede!, I’ll Get Drive-Thru, and Don’t Tell Harry. So, please do continue to keep tabs on all these sites.

OK, let’s get started on today’s post…



Image: ©DreamWorksTV/Netflix

Good news if you are a fan of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. The show’s fifth and final season will hit Netflix on May 15th.

So, if we are still in our houses by mid-May, then at least we have something exciting to look forward to. It’s going to be an emotional end (I can feel it), but what a superb show She-Ra turned out to be.


What am I listening to today?

This weekend has been about laid back summer vibes. And what song says ‘laid back summer vibes’ more than this one?

‘Dub Be Good To Me’ by Beats International is easily my favourite summer tune, and as I look ahead to (hopefully) a good summer, I feel like it is appropriate to have this one playing.


That’s not all folks…

Let’s do a little flashback now to the 1990s. A time when shopping centres were bustling metropolises and Warner Bros. had its own store!

In my post: Remembering Warner Bros. Studio Store, I take a look back at arguably THE BEST retail establishment ever known. Forget Woolworths, Toys R Us, and The Jolly Giant – Warner Bros. Studio Store was where it was at in the ’90s!


Looney times

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures

Sticking with the ’90s for a moment, to point you towards a post you really need to check out. I won’t say too much about it, all I will give you is the title: The one thing you must know about Space Jam.

Believe me, you need to read this post. It will change your life.


What’s on my plate?

Over the past month, I have been inundated with messages from you fine folks, all asking me ‘what is on my plate?’ Who knew that my culinary… er… skills… would be so interesting to everyone.

So, for the final time, yesterday, my plate recently consisted of…

…cheeseburger pasta!

Yep, cheeseburger pasta!

I didn’t originate this recipe – it has been doing the rounds online for a while. Basically, it is what you might find in a cheeseburger, lovingly placed over some pasta.

It might look a little odd, but believe me it tastes good. Plus, it makes use of lots of stuff you have in the cupboard/fridge.


You give me fever

Image: ©DC Comics

Over the weekend I have published a bunch of new posts on I’ll Get Drive-Thru (see below). One of these posts is: What is Batman: Fever?

This post takes a look at a classic comic book tale featuring Batman’s foes, The Ventriloquist and Scarface. Give the post a read to find out more.



Another Batman post that hit I’ll Get Drive-Thru over the weekend, is one that focused on the all-important question: Was Mr. Freeze in Batman Returns?

Think you know the answer?

Hmm… I think you should take a look at the post.


Bullet time

Image: ©DC Comics

And while I am throwing more Batman-related content at you, let me drop another post in your eyeline. This one is called: What is Batman: A Bullet for Bullock?



Image: ©Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

Onto Spider-Man now, and over on my Spider-Man blog, Don’t Tell Harry I answer various questions about the Spidey movies. I also publish posts such as: Spider-Man films ranked: Worst to best.

I wonder if you will agree with my rankings? Take a look at the post and let me know your thoughts.


The Simpsons

Image: ©20th Century Fox/Disney

Back in November, I published a post called: Is The Simpsons being cancelled? There was a lot of speculation about the show’s future, so I threw my hat in the ring to offer up my thoughts.


Action Jackson

Image: ©TriStar Pictures

And finally, if you are still looking for a little action in your life, then you may be leaning towards the Rambo movie series. Of course, if you are, then you will want to know how many Rambo films are there?

Click on the link and read all about the movie series. The post provides you with a list of all the Rambo films, so you don’t miss a single entry.


And that is it.

Thank you for joining me for the past four weeks to read these posts. I really do hope they have helped pass the time.

We still have tough times ahead of us, but I know we can all get through this. As always, stay safe, call your friends and family, and look after everyone.