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How is your Tuesday morning shaping up so far? Well, I hope.

If you joined me yesterday, then you will have seen the cavalcade of Batman posts I sent your way. Today, I don’t have any Batman for you, but I do have plenty of other info-packed treats – so let’s get cracking!



Image: ©Marvel Comics

Yesterday, Comixology launched a bunch of new sales featuring digital Marvel Comics, including an Avengers sale and a Fantastic Four sale. As part of this promotion, the comic book retailer is giving away for FREE, digital copies of the trade paperbacks: Avengers Vol 1: The Host and Fantastic Four Vol 1: Fourever.

The Avengers book usually retails for £10.99 and the FF book £8.99, but you can get both books now, without paying a single penny. No word on when the freebies will be removed, so if you want to download them to your Comixology account, now is the time to check out the sale page.


To sequel or not to sequel?

Image: ©TriStar Pictures /Sony

These days, most big blockbusters get a sequel. Heck, most films that hit the silver screen are part of a series or a cinematic universe!

But what about the films that don’t get a sequel. You know, there are quite a few big named movies that NEVER got a follow-up!

Want to know what they are? Then check out: What movies do not have sequels?


What’s on my plate?

Back by popular request, I am lifting the lid on my dinner to reveal that last night we had pulled pork, rice and BBQ chips. All homemade, all easy to make, and all delicious.

Nutritional value?

Erm… look, I’m trying to make the best out of what we have in our fridge/cupboard. Taste trumps nutritional value at the moment, and while this might look a little bland in places, I can tell you it tasted great!

Moving on…



Image: ©New Line Cinema

What is the best order to watch the Blade movies? If you have ever pondered this question, then let me point you in the direction of a post that can give you all the answers. Just click on the link.



Image: ©Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

And finally, when Venom arrived in cinemas in 2018, it was missing a couple of scenes – do you know what they were? Well, if you would like to know, then head to my Spider-Man blog, Don’t Tell Harry to read: What scenes were cut from Venom?

This post will fill you in on all the details. And while you are over on Don’t Tell Harry, take a look around for various Spidey-related posts!


OK, that’s your lot for today. Keep going and I’ll see you tomorrow.