I believe the weekend is almost upon us again…

…although I could be wrong.

Has anyone else lost track of what day it is? Or what month?

Are we still in 2020?

We are?! Hmm… I’ll take your word for it.

Anyway, today (whatever day it is) brings another edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’, which suggests to me that this is a very good day indeed!



Let’s start with a little bit of cheer from a good egg – and that good egg is Dolly Parton. Dolly has donated $1 million to help research into the fight against the coronavirus.



What am I listening to?

Today I am listening to this ABSOLUTE CLASSIC from Genesis. The song is ‘Jesus He Knows Me’ and I highly recommend you press play and crank the volume right up! RIGHT UP!



Image: ©Paramount Pictures

Let’s flashback now to May 2018, when I published a little news piece about a Grease sequel that almost happened. If you missed this post the first time around, then check out: Another Grease sequel almost happened – and it wasn’t Grease 2.



Yesterday on I’ll Get Drive-Thru I published a post about a classic Batman tale from the 1990s. If you want to see what it was all about, then you had best read: What is Batman: Venom?


Biting off more than you can chew?

Another little bit of news dug up from the It’s A Stampede! archives – flashing back to the time when a man broke a record for eating McDonald’s Big Macs.

Yep, this really happened.

To learn more, read: Man breaks Big Mac eating record – yes, there is a Big Mac eating record.


Some more music

As it is almost the weekend (I think), I have thrown caution to the wind and have just decided to make this a bumper edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’. And if I am adding more content, then I also need more background music – like this bloomin’ great tune from Metro Station.


Ranking Rocky

Image: ©MGM

Have you ever wanted to rank the Rocky movies? Well, you don’t need to (but you can if you wish), because I have a post that ranks them for you!

The post: The Rocky movies ranked according to Rotten Tomatoes does what it says in the title – it ranks Rocky!


What’s on my plate?

You lot are getting very inquisitive about my daily diet, aren’t you? OK, because you KEEP asking, on my (breakfast) plate yesterday morning was a couple of large, home-made, cheese, bacon and egg hash browns.

These guys were made from shredded potato, egg, bacon, cheese, a touch of flour, and some salt and pepper. Pretty much all the basic things you can find in the cupboard/fridge.

It is fair to say we are eating fine during this rather bizarre time in our lives. It may not always be the healthiest, but this homemade food sure keeps the spirits up.


May the Force be with us all

Image: ©Marvel Comics

Let’s throw the spotlight on a stone-cold classic now, which comes from the Star Wars Universe. The post is: Remembering Star Wars: Splinters of the Mind’s Eye.

Do you know what Splinter’s of the Mind’s Eye is? Nope? Then take a look at the post.



Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures

If you’re looking for something to watch over the weekend, then you may be leaning towards a comedy or a thriller. Perhaps one of the Ocean’s films – like Ocean’s 8.

Well, before you press play on that movie, take a look at my review ‘Thoughts on Ocean’s 8‘. I published this post back in 2018, but if you missed it then now is the time to play catch-up.


Toon time

Do you remember the time that RoboCop was turned into a cartoon? Nope? What about Rambo?

Believe it or not, there was a time during the ’80s and ’90s when wildly inappropriate movies were turned into kids’ cartoons! I talked about this way back in May 2018, with the post: Eight movies bizarrely turned into children’s cartoons.


Karate Kid

Image: ©Columbia Pictures

And finally, how many Karate Kid movies are there? Chances are, it is more than you think. Read the post for all the details.


That’s all for today. Have a great day and weekend.