Hey guys, today I have to begin with some sad news. 

You may recall that yesterday I mentioned my laptop was suffering from internal issues. Well, despite the best efforts of better people than I, the situation with the laptop got worse and sadly it could not be revived.

It is with a heavy heart that I have to say goodbye to my laptop, Lenovo (Len to his mates). Len has done me proud for many years, and I thank him for his loyal service.

Len is survived by my husband’s PC and my Amazon Fire tablet.


I have some not-so great news – but bare with me, I believe it has a silver lining.

Sony Pictures has announced that it is delaying the release of a number of movies, including Morbius, Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Peter Rabbit 2 (which had already been delayed). The movies are all being pushed back to 2021.

Now I know this is pretty rubbish news BUT look at the positive side. At present, no one can go to the cinema to watch these films, so delaying them until 2021 means we all get to enjoy them next year. It is also worth noting that in light of the current pandemic, production has halted on so many movies that if studios don’t push films back to 2021, there will be very little to watch next year!

I for one can’t wait to go to the cinema and watch all of the big releases. If that means waiting until 2021 for some of them, so be it – we all have something to look forward to.

Friend til the end 

Have you watched all of the Child’s Play/Chucky movies? If so, how would you rank them? Well, while you contemplate that little head-scratcher, let me point you in the direction of a post I like to call: Ranking the Chucky movies according to Rotten Tomatoes. Reading this post might help stimulate your thought process, so give it a go.

Going digital 

Do DVDs degrade over time? I take a look at this question in my post: Digital degradation: Do DVDs degrade? Take a look at the post… if you want to know the answer.

Digital 2.0

Image: ©Marvel Comics

And sticking with the digital theme, if you’re a comic book reader trying to navigate your way through this current lockdown period, you may be considering going digital with your comics. Well, if you are, then I highly recommend you take a look at my post: A guide to digital comics: Should I switch to digital?

At present, there is a lot of talk in the industry about the future of physical/digital comics, so I think you will find my guide useful. I have tried to answer as many questions as possible to provide lots of information, so I recommend you read it.


Image: ©Marvel Studios/Disney

A review plucked from the archives for you now, this time dating back to April 2019. It’s a big one – it’s my thoughts on Avengers: Endgame!


Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

Yesterday I felt the need to revisit a film that never fails to put a smile on my face: Superman: The Movie. But I didn’t watch just any old version of the film, I watched Superman: The Movie: Extended Edition – a lesser seen, three-hour cut of the film!

As I watched the movie, I recorded my thoughts and general musings for I’ll Get Drive-Thru. If you want to check out the post, take a look at: Viewing and discussing Superman: The Movie: Extended Edition – The three-hour cut!

Ace in the hole

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures

And finally, how many Ace Ventura films are there? Take a look at my post for all the details.

That’s it for today. Keep safe and keep the faith.

Better things are coming – we just need to keep going.