Morning, morning, morning – how are we all doing?

The times continue to be strange, I know, but the silver lining this week is that we have seen some sunshine in the UK – hurrah! It would be much better if we could soak up this sunshine under different circumstances, but more sun will come our way in time, we just have to hang in there.

Today is Friday and that means the weekend is on the horizon. What is everyone doing? Are you lining up some computer games to play with the family or online with your friends? If so, what are you gonna play?

I think I will dust off some of my retro consoles to play some classic games. Dr. Mario is calling my name – I really don’t want to ignore the call.

But before we get to the weekend, I have a new edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’ to deliver to you. As usual, I hope this finds you well, and I hope it is giving you something fun to occupy your time.

Here we go…



Image: ©Eleven/Channel 5

A little bit of news to begin, which is useful if you happen to be a fan of Aussie soaps, Neighbours and Home and Away. Channel 5 has announced the schedule of these soaps is to change – going from five episodes a week, to two a week.

This might seem like bad news, but the station has made this decision to keep the soaps on the television for as long as possible – so it is actually a good thing. The current epidemic has caused problems with filming the soaps, so this is a solution to ensure fans get their weekly fix for weeks to come.

From next week, Neighbours and Home and Away will air on Mondays and Fridays only.


What’s on my plate?

Let’s deal with this one early doors – because I know you are all itching to know what’s on my plate?

Last night, we had beef casserole for tea. This was produced in the slow cooker and was made from carrots, potato, beef, a beef stock cube, a sprinkling of gravy granules, 150ml of water, some salt and pepper, and a dash of mixed herbs.

I diced the beef, carrots and potato, and dropped them in the slowcooker with all the other ingredients. I then popped the slowcooker on high for four hours, and served with some boiled rice and green beans.



Image: ©DC Comics

Earlier this week on my Batman blog, I’ll Get Drive-Thru, I published a new post looking at a comic book classic: Batman: Blades. Want to know what the comic is all about? Sure you do! So, check out: What is Batman: Blades?

The post offers up a rundown of the story and explains why it is such a good read. And it is!


New nightmare

Image: ©New Line Cinema

What is your favourite entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street series? For many people it is A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors – a true fan-favourite horror movie.

But how much do you know about the movie? If you want to brush up on your knowledge, then check out: FAQs about A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.


Are these the stormtroopers you are looking for?

A little flashback for you now, dragged up from the archives. This was from the early ‘00s when I attended a trip to the Memorabilia convention at the Birmingham NEC.

This image is from around 2004 or 2005 (I can’t recall), when I bumped into a couple of stormtroopers outside the con. Look how… er… goofy I look.



Now time for a trailer for a forthcoming movie The Willoughbys. This animated family movie, which features the voice work of Will Forte, Maya Rudolph, Terry Crews, Martin Short, Jane Krakowski and Ricky Gervais, arrives on Netflix on April 22nd.

Here’s the trailer…


Review one

©COTA Films/Voltage Pictures/Third Eye Motion Picture Company

In May 2019, I published a review for the movie Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. The film focuses on the story of serial killer, Ted Bundy.

If you want to know what I thought about the film, then check out my post: Thoughts on Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. It might be a movie to add to your list this weekend.


Review two

Image: ©Fox Searchlight

Another review for you now, this time from January 2020. This review was for the latest movie from director, Taika Waititi. For more info, take a look at: Thoughts on JoJo Rabbit.


Crypt keeper

Image: ©Universal Pictures

And finally, have you ever wondered how many Tales from the Crypt films there are? If you have – and let’s be honest, I know you have – then you should check out my post: How many Tales from the Crypt films are there? Click on the highlighted link for all the deets and learn what all the Tales from the Crypt movies are!


And that’s it for today!

Enjoy your Friday, folks. Plan some fun things for the weekend and maybe watch something you enjoy – an old favourite you have not watched in a while – as it will make you feel warm and fuzzy.