Good morning folks, it’s a new day, and that means a new edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’. I hope it finds you well.

This is the tenth edition, and hopefully it is giving you a few minutes of fun and enjoyment. If it does, then great – it has done its job!



Disney+ launched yesterday and if you’re not sure if this is a subscription service for you – or you are simply strapped for cash at the moment – you can try out the service for 7 days for FREE! Yep, the Mouse House is offering a 7-day trial to give subscribers the chance to try before you buy. So, if the kids are driving you up the wall, or you are going stir crazy, then try out Disney+ for a week without spending a penny.



Wonder Woman ’84 has been given a new release date. In light of the current situation, the forthcoming movie will now hit cinema screens in August.


Social distancing

I, like many people, have been social distancing for a number of days now. Although I would love to be out in the sun, the furthest I have gone is on to the balcony at It’s A Stampede! HQ.

I appreciate not everyone has a balcony, but as we do, I thought it best to get a little fresh air… while watching the day go by. If you are feeling a little stressed today, crack open the window and get some air.


Cramming the MCU

Time to flashback now, to April 2019 and just before the release of Avengers: Endgame. Prior to the film’s release I decided it would be a good idea to re-watch all of the movies in the MCU.

How well did all of the film’s hold up? Read: I crammed the MCU films before Endgame to find out.


What’s on my plate?

I would have thought you would be bored of this by now, but you KEEP ASKING. So, for the millions of you who continue to write in, here is what was on my plate last night – Cheeseburger fries!

Home made chips, some sliced burgers, some melted cheese, burger sauce, and little bit of mixed herbs.

Healthy? I would say not.

Tasty? I would say yes!

Served with some boiled rice and a few nachos.



Image: ©Universal Pictures

Back in May 2019, I published a review for horror/thriller, Ma.Did I like the film? You’ll have to read the review – Thoughts on Ma – to find out.


Me, myself and Batman

Image: ©DC Comics

Yesterday on my Batman blog, I’ll Get Drive-Thru, I published a post discussing Batman: Mask. If you want to know what Batman: Mask is all about, then click on the highlighted link.


Oh, Mandy

Image: ©RLJE Films

In March 2019, I sat down to watch the Nicolas Cage movie, Mandy – and it was an experience. If you want to know my thoughts, then check out: I’m watching Mandy for the first time – and I’m not sure I’m ready.


Scary movie

Image: ©Dimension Films

Looking for some fun? How about the Scary Movie films?

But how many Scary Movie movies are there in the series? For the answer to that question, take a look at my post: How many Scary Movie films are there?


Who you gonna call?

Image: ©Columbia Pictures

And finally, want to know more about Ghostbusters? Sure you do!

I have published a post called FAQs about Ghostbusters. The post answers all the main questions about this iconic (and hilarious) movie classic.


And that is a wrap for today.

Whatever you are doing today, I hope you find it useful and worthwhile. Read, learn, and focus – and remember, you’re not alone.