Afternoon folks, how are we all doing? Good, I hope.

Whether you are self-isolating, taking a break from things, or you simply stumbled on this post by accident, welcome one and all. It’s a strange time at present, but it won’t last forever.

For those who joined me yesterday, I am sad to report that I have not progressed with Mario Kart, but I hope to rectify that today. I have a red shell with Princess Peach’s name on it, so watch this space.

Right, let’s crack on with the fifth edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’.



Image: ©The CW/DC Entertainment

If you’re a fan of the Arrowverse then I have some good news – Batwoman is finally coming to UK TV screens! E4 will broadcast the first season from Sunday March 29th at 9pm.



Some more good news, if you are a Sky customer. Sky is bringing a number of new releases to the Sky Store, including Emma., The Invisible Man, and The Hunt. These films have only just appeared in cinemas, so this is great news if you didn’t get chance to catch them.

In addition, on 6th April, Trolls World Tour will also be available on the Sky Store. In light of the current situation, this film is skipping cinemas entirely, so it could be one to watch with the family – a little home-cinema treat.


A review for you

Ok, onto some reviews now covering films that have recently been released. These are movies you may have missed, yet want to catch up on.

Image: ©SEGA/Paramount Pictures

The first of these films is Sonic the Hedgehog. This film arrived on Valentine’s Day with A LOT of baggage, but was it any good?

Click on the highlighted link to see what I had to say about the film.


Another review for you

Image: ©Samuel Goldwyn Films

Onto review number two, and this is for a home video release for the horror movie, Daniel Isn’t Real. The film recently made its way to digital and Blu-ray and may be a title that has passed you by. Read the review and find out.


What if?

Image: ©DC Comics

Let’s play a game of ‘what if?’

What if the Batman Anthology (1989 – 1997) had continued with a fifth film – what would have happened? Well, it did almost happen, and you can read all about it on I’ll Get Drive-Thru.

Just click on the link: What if Batman: Unchained? to find out what could have happened after Batman & Robin.


Keep on movin’

Photo by Nathan Cowley on

Something to note: If you find yourself with a bit of free-time right now, maybe today is the day to do some spring cleaning. Not only does spring cleaning lead to a good bit of exercise (which is great for health and well-being) but it also makes your living environment more fun – and who doesn’t want that?

Take a break from the news, stick the vacuum around, dust the TV, sort out the cupboard that REALLY NEEDS SORTING OUT – whatever needs doing, do it today. You have the time.


Read and save

Image: ©DC Comics

If you are craving some good reading material right now, then you might be thinking of heading over to Comixology to pick up some comics or graphic novels. But if you are planning to do that then STOP!

Before you head to Comixology, check out my post: How to save money on Comixology. Saving money is more important than ever, so read the post and see how you can save some pounds.


Jungle boogie

Image: ©Walt Disney

How many Disney Jungle Book movies are there? I can tell this is a question that you have asked yourself for a very, very long time.

If you want to know (because it is more films than you expect), click on the highlighted link.


Jungle to jungle

Sticking with the Disney/jungle theme, Walt Disney Pictures recently released a trailer for new movie, Jungle Cruise. The film stars Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, and Jack Whitehall and is due out in the not-too distant future. Here’s the trailer…


Simply fantastic

Image: ©Marvel Entertainment

Have you ever wondered how many Fantastic Four cartoons there are? You have? Then check out my post: How many Fantastic Four cartoons are there? This post offers a guide to all the FF ‘toons that you may or may not be familiar with.


TP update

Photo by Vie Studio on

A very important update: I know you are all concerned about the current toilet paper situation at It’s A Stampede! HQ – and I share your concerns. Well, don’t worry, we are OK at present. Things could get dicey, but today is a good day.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre

In what order should you watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies? If you have ever pondered this question, then I have the answer for you!

Back in January, I published a post called: What is the best order to watch the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies? The post disentangles what is a very confusing film series to provide all the information you need.



Image:©Orion Pictures

How well do you know RoboCop?A little? A lot? Well, back in December 2018 I published a post called 22 RoboCop facts every fan should know. If you want to brush up on your Robo-trivia, then give the link a click.


What I am listening to

It’s that time again, where the world asks the all-important question: What the heck am I listening to today?

Today, I am reconnecting with a classic – Bad Lip Reading’s ‘SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)’.


Forget me not

Image: ©Paramount Pictures/Columbia Pictures

And finally, back in January I published a post called: Forgotten fantasy films from the 1990s. If you missed this post the first time around, then give it a whirl today.

The post looks at ten fantasy films from the 1990s that you probably forgot existed.


And that is your lot for today. As we head into the weekend and beyond, let’s keep helping each other out. Take care. 🙂