Howdy folks, I hope everyone is keeping well. It’s tough right now, I know, but everyone is feeling it so no one is alone. For this reason, I thought it a good idea to publish another edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’, as welcome distractions are good, right?

How am I? Well, thanks for asking. I am currently self-medicating with a glass of wine, and I have been playing lots and lots of Mario Kart on the Nintendo Switch.

Currently I am trying to get Gold Cups on all of the 200cc races, but I’m finding it rather tricky… because I am pretty rubbish. My ability to skid around corners has got worse, possibly compromised by the wine consumption, but I am confident this is a minor blip.

Anyway, let’s crack on with the latest edition of ‘Something to read when you’re bored’.



Good news if you didn’t get chance to catch this one at the cinema, Vin Diesel’s new movie, Bloodshot will be available to watch from the comfort of your home very soon. In light of the current situation, the film – which opened last week in cinemas – is getting a fast-track digital release in the US.

In the US, Bloodshot will arrive on Video On Demand from next week! Other territories – including the UK – are likely to follow suit.


More good news

Image: ©Lucasfilm/Disney

Disney has announced that when Disney+ launches in Europe next week, subscribers will be able to watch the first two episodes of The Mandalorian from day one. The eight-episode series was to be spread out across the course of eight weeks (one episode per week), but the Mouse House has decided to drop the first two episodes from launch.


Even more good news

Image: ©Paramount Pictures

In April, Netflix UK will be bringing American Pie, After Life Season Two, The Martian, The Land Before Time, Babe, Howl’s Moving Castle, The Lego Ninjago Movie, The Adventures of Tintin, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and the new Child’s Play movie (which is really good) to the service! Hurrah!


Child’s Play

Image: ©Orion Pictures/United Artists

Following on from the previous news item, last year I published a review of the new Child’s Play. If you didn’t read it at the time, but you want to check it out now, then click on the link.


Morbius in Manchester

Image: ©Sony Pictures/Columbia Pictures/Marvel Entertainment

Ok, let’s flashback now to 2019, when the production crew of Morbius descended on Manchester. For a few days, the city was transformed into Manc-hatten as filming took place on the Spider-Man spin-off movie.

I published a post about Morbius on my Spider-Man movies blog, Don’t Tell Harry. Should you want to read the details, then check out: Morbius in Manchester for all the details you may have missed.


Rewind to the ‘90s

Looking for a little nostalgia to dive head first into? Then you might like to know that Amazon Prime Video in the UK has three seasons of classic ‘90s show, Heartbreak High to stream.

If you are a subscriber, then spend some time with Nick, Con, Steve, Jodie and Rivers. Those who grew up watching the Aussie drama on BBC 2 will love revisiting this brilliant series.

Oh… and while Amazon doesn’t have any episodes past Season Three, at present you can hunt down later episodes on YouTube. Do some searching on YouTube and you will be able to watch even more episodes.


Hide and seek

Image: ©Universal Pictures

Around a week ago, The Hunt arrived in cinemas. Chances are you missed it. No problem, you will no doubt catch it again soon.

In the meantime, click on the link to read my: Thoughts on The Hunt. Did I like it? Read the review and you’ll know.


What am I having for tea?

What am I having for tea? I am glad you are asking these all-important questions.

The answer is pie!

We had a tin of steak in the cupboard, half a tin of peas in the fridge, and some left-over carrots needing to be eaten. So, I fished some pre-made pastry out of the freezer and made a pie.

As you can see, I decorated the pie with some Christmas trees… because… well, why the heck not? Christmas is fun!

I lined a greased tin with a layer of pastry, added the peas, carrots, meat and a little bit of gravy, then dropped a layer of pastry on top. I will serve this up with some green beans from the freezer and tea time is sorted!

I’m glad I had time to discuss this important issue with you.


Build a Loki

You might like to know that Build-A-Bear is currently selling a Loki-inspired bear. The bear is an online exclusive, retailing at £30. If you are a fan of Loki and/or Build-A-Bear, then check out the website for more details.


Justice for all?

Image: ©Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

In 2017, Justice League arrived in cinemas. The film was billed as a big deal for Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment, and the jewel in the crown of the DCEU.

But it’s now 2020 and there has been no talk of Justice League 2. Why?

For the answer to that question, head on over to my Batman blog, I’ll Get Drive-Thru to read: Will there be a sequel to Justice League?



Image: ©Warner Bros./DC Entertainment

And while you are over on my Batman blog, you may want to cast your eye over: What is The Batman vs. Dracula? This post gives you the lowdown on this animated movie from the mid ‘00s.


What I’m listening to

While I put together this post I am listening to some music. Today’s tune is Say So by Doja Cat… which is pretty damn good.


The Con is on

Earlier in the Month, I attended Comic Con Liverpool 2020. If you would like to know my thoughts, then have a look through my post: Comic Con Liverpool 2020 nails it again.



Image: ©Universal Pictures

And finally, have you ever wondered how many films there are in The Land Before Time movie series? I can tell you now, it is waaaaay more than you think. Waaaaay more!

If you would like to know the number of Land Before Time movies – and let’s be honest, you know you do – then check out my post: How many The Land Before Time films are there?


OK, that really is your lot for today – I need to get back to Mario Kart!

Take care and do your bit.