Today, the organisers of Comic Con Liverpool made a big announcement: The UK con – which is housed at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool – will remain in the city for at least the next ten years.

In a statement via the Comic Con Liverpool Facebook page, the event organisers said:

“A few days ago we told you we was (sic) in negotiations with the ACC to sign a five year contract which would keep us at the venue until 2026. That is no longer happening. We have decided to make it ten years for good measure!”

The UK-based con – run by Monopoly Events – has developed a strong following as of late, boosted by some fantastic events in Liverpool and Manchester. I attended last year’s con in Liverpool, and I’m heading to this year’s con too, and I can say that Monopoly Events are really pulling things out of the bag when it comes to UK-based cons – especially those in the North.

For too long, UK cons have been a bit hit and miss, with only those in London and the Midlands attracting headliners. The North has struggled to attract big names, and some con organisers (not mentioning any names) have really dropped the ball in this part of the country.

So, what has changed?

Over the last few years, Monopoly Events have come at the con scene from a new angle, by really listening to fans and finding out who and what they want to see at their cons. As a result, they have started setting up ‘reunions’, which bring together former cast members from fan-favourite films and TV shows of the past.

Last year, the organisers put together a number of reunions in both Manchester and Liverpool, including a Lost Boys reunion, a Police Academy reunion, and they also got a bunch of Power Rangers to come together too. At the next con in Liverpool – which takes place in March – actors from Sabrina the Teenage Witch, American Pie, Flash Gordon, The Neverending Story, and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air will all be uniting to meet fans, take part in panels, and sign plenty of autographs – which is great for those of us who grew up during the ’80s and ’90s.

And knowing that Comic Con Liverpool will remain in the city for the next decade is fantastic news, as it gives the event organisers the opportunity to continue to build on the current foundations. This also means the North is likely to see even more high-profile guests over the coming years!


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