A little ‘heads-up’ for today – DC’s horror TV series, Swamp Thing has arrived on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

The short-lived show, which streams exclusively on DC Universe in the US, is now available for Amazon customers to stream via Prime Video. The series runs ten episodes and tells the story of a plant-like creature living in the Louisiana swamp.

Andy Bean plays Alec Holland, while Derek Mears plays the role of Swamp Thing. Crystal Reed plays Abby Arcane and Kevin Durand takes on the part of Dr. Jason Woodrue (aka the Floronic Man).

Swamp Thing is a ‘one season then done’ show, which was abruptly cancelled shortly after the first episode aired in the US. The cancellation came as quite a shock to both the cast and fans, as it was well received with favourable reviews.

If you want to check it out, the entire series is on Amazon now. Oh, and keep an eye-out for Adrienne Barbeau who pops up in a cameo role. Barbeau starred in the original, Wes Craven-directed Swamp Thing movie from 1982.

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