Oh would you look at this – it’s the sixth entry in Getting to know It’s A Stampede!. In this ongoing series of posts (you can read Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 here) I pull back the curtain on the inner workings of this blog and/or me!

Today I’m going to talk a little about how my writing for this blog differs from my writing for other platforms. Yep, in addition to writing for It’s A Stampede!, I also write content for other publications and websites.

You see, while It’s A Stampede! is my personal blog to talk about subjects that I’m passionate about (films, comics, toys etc), it’s not the only writing I do. I can and do write for other clients.

Word up 

Over the years I’ve written content on a variety of subjects, from construction and hospitality, to social care and engineering. I’ve produced blog posts on clothing and apparel, I’ve written profiles on interior designers, and I’ve even compiled articles on burlesque (the art form, not the movie).

I’ve put together text for posters, I’ve written copy for brochures, and I’ve created content for websites. In addition, I’ve edited magazines, overseen the production of electronic newsletters, and have provided product descriptions for e-commerce sites.

As a writer/blogger/content provider, I write about anything. Sometimes it can be lengthy copy for magazines, other times it can be short pieces of text for leaflets – it really depends what is required.

Surprised? I bet you thought I simply spent my time talking about Avengers: Endgame!

Yeah, well I do that too. 

So how does writing for It’s A Stampede! differ from writing for other platforms or clients?

Well first and foremost, whether I’m writing for this blog or for a client I always take what I do seriously. It doesn’t matter if I’m being paid or if I’m doing something for myself, I maintain the same work ethic of doing a job properly.

But of course, there are differences.

The end result 

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If I’m writing for a client then I will work towards a specific goal or outcome that they have set. This can be a word count they wish me to achieve or maybe an objective.

In the case of a client who is trying to sell a product, they may wish me to discuss the benefits of their item – what it does, what it’s made from, etc. Alternatively, if it is a magazine article they wish me to write, the objective maybe to tell a story across a couple of pages.

When I worked on electronic newsletters, the aim was to circulate news stories and updates about that specific company. This ranged from fundraising pieces to health and safety information.

The objective here was to keep employees informed about all company activities. The goal was to ensure everyone was on the same page, so to speak.

When I edited magazines, the objective was to produce monthly content to fit a desired readership. The goal was to publish the magazine on time.

With all of theses examples I worked to a brief set out by the client/employer, but when it comes to It’s A Stampede! I write my own briefs. Er… which is to say, I don’t actually have a brief.

I’ve mentioned this previously, but the content I produce for this blog is primarily motivated by my daily thoughts. If I wake up tomorrow and all I can think about is Captain Planet, then I’ll write a post related to the eco-friendly super hero.

Heck, if the mood takes me then I could write 50 posts on Captain Planet. It’s doubtful, but you never know.

On other occasions I might write posts that are specifically timed around a certain event. For example, I might write numerous posts about the X-Men if a new X-Men movie is looming.

I won’t write posts just because an X-Men movie is released, but as an X-Men fan it’s likely I’ll write some related content. The hype for the movie, plus my general interest in the subject, will likely be the inspiration for the post(s). 

The write stuff 

Photo by fotografierende on Pexels.com

Whatever I write, the subjects and reasoning behind my posts will (and often do) change. When compared to freelance work, I’d say the content on It’s A Stampede! is a lot more reactionary and I have a lot of freedom to blog about whatever tickles my pickle.

The other big difference is that there is no word count on my own blog posts. I don’t even give word count a thought! 

If I’m pressed for time or I don’t have a lot to say then my posts will be short. If it’s a subject I’m itching to talk about in detail, then I will write and write until I’m done.

You know, if I was of the mind to do so, I could simply end this discussion he…

*Pauses for dramatic tension*

Just joking!

Compiling copy for It’s A Stampede! is about working to my own objectives. I manage my own time and I write as much or as little as I want.

There’s no specific agenda for this blog, but there is a goal. There’s a plan (of sorts) that I work towards.

I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again), I set up It’s A Stampede! to create a club or a community hub, where like-minded people could drift to if they needed some light relief or escapism. That’s remains my objective, my goal, and my continuing plan.

So long as people are willing to read what I write, I’m willing to keep going!

Oh who am I trying to kid? I’d write this stuff even if no one was reading!*

*Although it’s nice to know that someone is.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Look after yourselves, peeps.

Until next time, take care.


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