Since the release of Infinity War back in 2018, I’ve posted a number of theories about Endgame. Having now seen Endgame (you can read spoiler-filled and non-spoiler reviews on this blog) I thought it would be a good time to revisit those theories to see how well they panned out.

Theory one: Published 28th April 2018

This was the theory

“What if the outcome of Infinity War is flipped. What if the 50% of the universe that survived now have to die in order to bring back the 50% that have already gone? What if some kind of cosmic balance means that in order to bring someone back, someone has to go?”

Did that theory play out?


I was way off with this one.

Theory two: Published April 29th 2018

This theory wasn’t mine – it was a friend’s – but I thought it was pretty sound and had a lot of potential to introduce new characters to the MCU (X-Men, Fantastic Four etc).

“The theory goes that at some point during the course of Avengers 4, Captain Marvel will be drafted in to somehow reset the time line. And this may not be the first time it’s happened.”

Did that theory play out?

Also no. Captain Marvel got very little to do in the movie. 😦

Theory three: Published April 20th 2019

This one wasn’t one theory, but rather a few ideas and suggestions. I’ll address them in turn. Some of these are just observations.

  • The team that remains (after ‘The Snap’) is largely composed of long-standing members, who have been with the series from the early days. This includes the original six Avengers (Iron Man, Cap, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye). These are characters that are likely to be retired following Endgame. This is important – these characters will need a conclusion.

This did pan out. Iron Man, Cap and Black Widow got definitive conclusions. Hawkeye retired, Thor was given the option to go either way (retire or continue) and Hulk has a sort of conclusion.

  • There are six Infinity Stones. There are six original Avengers. Is there a connection here? I feel there is.

There was no major connection. The original six Avengers did round up the stones, but that was it.

  • Doctor Strange has seen all the possible outcomes of Infinity War (all 14,000,605 of them) and knows the only way to stop Thanos is to let him win. Doctor Strange knows that Thanos can be defeated. #TrustInStrange

Yep – Doctor Strange knew. HE KNEW!

  • The Quantum Realm is a place where the laws of time and space do not apply. Is the Quantum Realm significant? I feel it is – and here’s why. During press interviews for Infinity War, Spider-Man actor Tom Holland mentioned that Benedict Cumberbatch had to recite a lot of lines about the Quantum Realm for the movie. Thing is, Cumberbatch (aka Doctor Strange) never spoke about the Quantum Realm during the course of Infinity War. Was Holland wrong? Maybe, but it’s possible (and very likely) that Holland actually let out a big spoiler for Endgame.

Holland DID let out a big spoiler, as the Quantum Realm played a major part in the movie. However, Doctor Strange didn’t get to recite lots of lines about the Quantum Realm, so Holland spoiled things for nothing.

Oh, Tom.

Other suggestions/theories:

  • A smart Hulk

Yep, this happened and how cool is the Hulk?

  • Happy conclusions for the heroes, including a Cap/Peggy hook up

I kind of half got this right. Most of the heroes did get a happy conclusion and Cap and Peggy did hook up!

  • The Avengers will wield the Infinity Stones

Yep! Not exactly the way I thought, but I was close on this one.

  • The Avengers and Thanos get trapped in a time loop

Nope – way off on this one.

  • The Avengers take Thanos into the Quantum Realm


  • The Hulk saves the day

The Hulk plays a big part in the movie… and DOES undo the events of ‘The Snap’… but he’s not the one that saves the day. Tony Stark ultimately sacrifices himself to save the day. Half right?

  • The Avengers use the Quantum Realm to go back in time, wield the Infinity Stones, trap Thanos in a time loop, and the Hulk ensures Thanos remains trapped

Half right. Half wrong.

So, what does this teach us? If you throw enough theories at the wall, some will stick.

OK, so I didn’t quite get there with my theories, but in some cases I was heading in the right direction. The important thing is that Infinity War and Endgame allowed for a great deal of speculation and that made both of these movies a genuinely fun experience.