Welcome to 90 from the ‘90s; the movie-related post in which I watch, discuss and debate a film from the 1990s – a film that I’ve NEVER SEEN. This morning’s entry is…

My Giant (1998)

After the low budget disasters of the past two days (Clockmaker and Mandroid), today I’m taking on a movie that a.) played in theatres and b.) stars at least one actor with some talent. The actor is Billy Crystal and the movie is My Giant.

As usual, I know very little about this movie. All that I know is that My Giant is a comedy, and the story involves Crystal befriending ‘a giant’ played by former basketball player, Gheorghe Mureșan.

I believe critics hated this movie upon release, which is most likely why I’ve never watched the film. I didn’t pay it any attention when it came out and have not thought about it since – but today is different.

*Clicks the play button*

30secs – Every time I hear Billy Crystal’s voice I instantly think of Mike Wazowski. I kind of want to watch Monsters Inc. now. And by ‘kind of’ I mean I ‘actually’ want to watch Monsters Inc. now.

5mins – So, Crystal is playing a talent agent. He’s a likeable, yet semi-slippery kind of guy. I’ve not had any experience with talent agents, so I’m taking it on faith that Crystal is 100% accurate in his performance.

8mins – Former Boy Meets World star, Rider Strong is in this movie.

13mins – Crystal has just had a car accident and believes himself to be dead. He’s not dead! His car is though.

25mins – Crystal and Mureșan have met… and a plan is forming. Crystal wants to make Mureșan into an actor.

28mins – OK, so far this movie is perfectly watchable. It’s certainly nothing amazing, but Crystal’s line delivery is keeping things chugging along. It has ‘Sunday afternoon viewing’ written all over it.

30mins – An unrequited love story is being introduced. Mureșan has been writing to his childhood friend for years and longs to meet up with her. Ah, who doesn’t like an unrequited love story?


I feel like I’m being drawn into the sickly sweet tone of this movie. I need something to wake me up from this sugar coma.

33mins – Crystal and Mureșan are sat in a cinema watching Dirty Harry! Yes, this is the wake up call I needed! I now want to watch Dirty Harry. Why does this film keep reminding me of movies I’d like to watch?

53mins – Verne Troyer is in this movie.

1hr 3mins – Hmm… so, the love story has taken a sharp turn. Crystal has made contact with Mureșan’s childhood friend and it’s not looking good. I can feel myself getting drawn back into the sweetness of this film. Time for another wake up call…

1hr 5mins – Steven Seagal! It’s Steven Seagal!

1hr 7mins – Seagal gets a pretty funny cameo.

1hr 13mins – Oh no…. Mureșan has a bad heart and Crystal is very concerned. I’m concerned too. 😦

1hr 14mins – “I just need to do what’s best for my giant.”

1hr 16mins – Right, that’s it – I can’t fight it anymore, I’m giving in to this movie. There’s no point me trying to ignore the tone of this picture, it simply is what it is.

1hr 21mins – So, it turns out the love story is built on wishful thinking. The childhood friend has no interest in Mureșan. 😦

1hr 30mins – Crystal has just conceived a beautiful lie to ensure Mureșan gets a happy ending to his love story. I’ll be honest, I’m totally into this movie.

1hr 37mins – The ending to My Giant has a bit of sadness, but also a lot of happiness.

*Wipes tear away from eye*

*Clicks stop button*

A touch sweet in places, but My Giant is a perfectly fine movie – I feel like the critics of 1998 were far too harsh. Crystal plays a likeable character, with his heart in the right place, and he’s easily the reason this movie works.

I’d recommend My Giant to anyone who wants something easy to watch on a lazy afternoon.

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