This month, Batman is celebrating his 80th birthday.

If you’re a fan, then chances are you’ve picked up a copy of Detective Comics issue #1000, you’ve re-watched Batman ’89 (for the millionth time) or you’re currently knee-deep into a marathon of Batman: The Animated Series. Whatever you’re doing to celebrate the occasion, I hope you appreciate the Caped Crusader in the way I do.

I’ve not had chance to compile a lengthy post on how much I love Batman, so I’ll simply re-post the following image from when I was around 3-years-old (circa 1984). I think this photo explains just how much I like Batman.

I’m a life-long fan starting with the ’60s show, through The Animated Series, into comics, movies and toys. I’m pleased Batman continues to entertain and inspire.


Here’s to the next 80 years… and then some!

Happy birthday, Batman!