Welcome to 90 from the ‘90s; the movie-related post in which I watch, discuss and debate a film from the 1990s – a film that I’ve NEVER SEEN. This morning’s entry is…

Arlington Road (1999)

At the beginning of this long journey with ’90s movies, I compiled a list of films I hadn’t seen. Amongst this list was Arlington Road – a film I was very, very unfamiliar with.

How unfamiliar?

Until this very moment I was convinced that Arlington Road was a movie about the real-life murderer, John Christie. It is only now, during a brief moment of clarity, that I’ve suddenly remembered that Christie was associated with 10 Rillington Place – not anywhere called Arlington Road.

I’ve completely mixed these two up! I don’t know anything about Arlington Road.



Absolutely nothing at all.

I don’t even know who stars in it!


*Clicks the play button*

5mins – Jeff Bridges has just discovered a traumatised, injured boy in the middle of the street. This is a very strong, very dramatic opening. I’m hooked.

6mins – At the hospital, Bridges has met with the boys parents – Tim Robbins and Joan Cusack. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I don’t trust these people. There’s something I can’t quite put my finger on, but these guys don’t seem like honest people.

11mins – Bridges is a widowed, single parent. He’s also a teacher. I feel like some of this information will prove important later in the movie.

14mins – Robbins and Cusack are hosting a barbecue and by the looks of it they’ve invited the whole neighbourhood. THEY MUST BE EVIL – why else would they invite so many people to their house?

20mins – Bridges doesn’t trust Robbins. Bridges is on the same wavelength as me.

21mins – Is this movie about terrorism? It seems to be something that Bridges is talking about a lot. Are Robbins and Cusack terrorists?

26mins – Robbins collects sketches/blueprints of different buildings. Yeah, they’re terrorists. I mean, let’s look at the clues: Robbins wants to spend time with the entire neighbourhood, he collects blueprints and is played by nondescript actor, Tim Robbins. He’s clearly evil. By association, this makes Cusack a terrorist too.

29mins 30secs – I think I’ve got this movie pegged. Robbins and Cusack are terrorists and Bridges is going to have to uncover their secret. Now either I watch too many movies or I’ve cracked the code for determining who is most likely to be the bad guys. It’s never the moustache-twirling people in the corner of the room, it’s always the loud, happy-go-lucky people who want to be part of the community.

44mins – And now a flashback to explain how Bridges’ wife died.


45mins – So, her death had nothing to do with terrorism – it was a case of mistaken identity. There’s a message here about being certain of who you are dealing with before you rush in. I wonder if this message will be revisited before the end of the film?

54mins 50secs – “Our house is your house.” Yep – only an evildoer would ever utter that statement.

1hr 23mins – I quite like Jeff Bridges in this movie. After watching The Big Lebowski and now this, I feel that I don’t watch enough movies with Jeff Bridges. I should watch more.

1hr 27mins – The truth is starting to come out. Robbins is admitting to being evil.

1hr 36mins – Bridges is getting frantic over this whole situation and is starting to look a little unhinged. I get this same look when I’m in a supermarket and three people ahead of me are trying to pay for alcohol through unattended self-service checkouts. WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS? WHY?! If you buy alcohol at the self-service checkout you are going to need someone to check your ID before you can pay, so why use self-service? WHY?!


1hr 36mins 30secs – Sorry…. it just annoys me.

1hr 37mins – Now where was I? Oh yes… Bridges looks unhinged.

1hr 39mins – Bridges vs. Robbins!

1hr 40mins – Robbins is trying to justify being a terrorist. This is the kind of ass-hat thinking that results in him taking a bottle of Johnnie Walker through the self-service checkout. Probably.

1hr 42mins – I’m now into the final 15 minutes. The music has become very dramatic. Something important is about to happen.

1hr 44mins – Bridges is now beyond unhinged – he’s in full on insanity mode. He’s trying to save his son and stop a bomb from going off… by driving around in his car at a ridiculously fast pace. He’s definitely going to get a speeding ticket for this.

1hr 47mins – Bridges has a lead on the bomb and it looks like he’s about to save the day. Maybe he won’t get a ticket after all.

1hr 48mins – Ah, shit! The bomb was in Bridges’ car this whole time! He’s taken the device to its intended location… and it’s blown up! Bridges has just been killed! I did not see that coming!

1hr 50mins – No way. Bridges is dead, Robbins achieved his goal, and now everyone thinks Bridges was a terrorist. They think he did all this to get revenge on the FBI, who he blamed for the death of his wife. I really should have seen this coming, but I didn’t. I guess that flashback about the death of his wife WAS really important.

1hr 51mins 55secs – Now completely parentless, Bridges’ son has been taken into care. Blimey, what an ending!

*Clicks stop button*

A perfectly serviceable thriller with a very good twist at the end. I’ll be honest, that twist just saved the movie from being completely predictable, but it was a great way to conclude the film.

As mentioned above, I went into this movie 100% blind and now I’ve come out of it fairly content by the result. It’s certainly not the best thriller, but Arlington Road makes for a decent post-takeaway, pre-bedtime, Saturday night thriller…

…or in this case, an enjoyable way to pass a Sunday morning.

Of course, if you’ve never seen this movie then I’ve kind of just ruined the twist. And when I say “kind of”, I mean “I have” just ruined the twist.

Ah, well…sorry about that.

Right, that’s 80 movies down, so that leaves me with just ten movies to go.

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