It’s that time again. Your chance to go behind the scenes with this blog.

Exciting, right?

If you’ve not read Part One, Two or Three of Getting to know It’s A Stampede!, then now is the time to go back and catch up! The previous chapters will give you insights into the inner workings of It’s A Stampede! and you’ll feel more knowledgeable… and stuff.

So what is this fourth chapter all about?

Today I’m going to talk about some of the posts that feature on It’s A Stampede!. What’s popular with readers and what people seem to connect with.

Getting off on the right foot

Whether this is your first visit to the blog or you’re a seasoned reader, chances are you’ve not read everything that is on offer on It’s A Stampede!. At last count there are 1,966 posts on this blog, which is a heck of a lot of content to get through, so I don’t expect everyone to have read everything.

In fact, I never expect everyone to have read everything I’ve written. I understand that when people come to my blog it could be their first time here.

The ‘new reader’ element is something I’m always mindful of, so I always try to make my posts as clear as possible so we’re all on the same track. Occasionally this means repeating myself, or putting SPOILER WARNINGS in block lettering at the top of posts to make everyone aware of potential hazards, but that’s fine, I want everyone to have an equal footing.

I believe it’s always important to speak to everyone in the room. Never presume that we’re all on the same page because quite often we’re not.

But we can be.

Anyway, back to my original point – there is a lot of content on It’s A Stampede!. Back when I launched this blog I said:

“Over the coming days/weeks/years* (*please delete as applicable) I aim to fill it with various news pieces, stories and features from the world of pop culture/entertainment. This blog will have a pretty informal style, but rest assured that doesn’t mean I’ll only be updating it when I’m at a loose end – far from it, I plan to update frequently.”

And I have updated this blog frequently. During the first year (Feb 2018-Feb 2019), I updated It’s A Stampede! on a daily basis – twice a day, actually.

As the blog has evolved I’ve now purposefully slowed down the output a touch. I’m happy with everything I’ve written, but I feel that sometimes less is more, which is why I sometimes take a day off from posting to give myself and everyone else a little break.

You can’t read posts all the time and I can’t write them all the time either.

Speaking of posts, it’s now time to pull back the curtain on the popularity of posts – what people seem to like reading and what brings readers to the blog.

Image: ©MGM

What is the most popular post on It’s A Stampede!?

To date, the most popular post on It’s A Stampede! is: What is the best order to watch the James Bond movies?

I won’t tell you how many people have read this post, but I will say it’s a heck of a lot and the number continues to increase. And to think, it was one of a series of movie-related posts I published simply to help people understand the many different viewing orders for films.

Why is it so popular?

Bond has been in the headlines quite a bit lately, due to the forthcoming movie (supposedly Daniel Craig’s last hurrah as 007), but I believe the reason my post is so popular is all due to Netflix.

In the US, I believe Netflix currently has made all the Bond movies available to stream. As such, people are currently Googling the heck out of the films to find out what order to watch them in and that is bringing people to me.

Hi to all those people who have come to It’s A Stampede! because of James Bond. I hope you stick around and find something else you might like to read.

Another popular post is my extensive review of Eaglemoss’s The Legend of Batman Collection. This is a post which has had a lot of traffic and continues to attract new readers.

There’s a reason for this too and if you read the post you’ll figure out why. In short: This post talks at great length about the subscription service which has proved rather problematic for MANY people and presumably they want to see what my experiences were.

My experiences were not great. See the post for details.

What makes great content?

I can’t tell you categorically what makes great content, but I can certainly tell you what makes for popular content based on who comes to my blog and why.


Questions make for popular content.

Put a question in your title and people will come to you.

Think about it. What do people do nowadays, when they want to know something? They type their question into Google.

I do it. You do it. Everyone does it.

If everyone is typing questions into Google, then it stands to reason that some of the most popular content is going to be related to questions, such as how do you do this? Or what is the meaning of that?

What I’ve found from blogging is that my most popular content tends to be the posts which feature questions in the titles. In fact, these posts are the ones that do incredibly well when it comes to views/visitors.

So, if that’s the case why don’t I place questions in the titles of all my posts?

It’s simple: I don’t write It’s A Stampede! to simply attract views.

I’m not going to say I don’t want people to find me – I write a public blog, of course I want to attract people – but I don’t want people to come to me via constant click bait. If I put a question in the title of a post I want it to be there for a reason, not simply there to bring a sea of people to the blog.

The least popular posts

Believe it or not, posts about movie trailers feature amongst some of my least popular posts. This could be because many people have already watched the trailer via social media, or it could be because some people avoid watching trailers.

So, why do I continue to post trailers?

I post them because I know that some people don’t follow social media and do like to watch the trailers when they pop up on the blog. I’ve mentioned this before, but I see this blog as a geek hub, so I want it to be a place where people can come and watch the big movie trailers should they wish.

I don’t post as many trailers as I once did, but I will continue to post the main ones, along with trailers for some lesser know films that I think people would like to see. Again, this is all part of being a hub – I want to share content that I think will appeal to different people.

Regular features

Long-time readers will be familiar with some of the regular posts on It’s A Stampede!, but for those new to this blog I am currently nearing the end of an ongoing run of posts called 90 from the ’90s. This series looks at movies I’ve NEVER watched before and offers up my thoughts – for better or worse.

Often worse.

I’ve also published a number of other regular features over the past year, including Batman: The Animated Series: Revisited, It’s Saturday morning – Do you know what your children are?, 60 Days of Halloween and a few more.

I like regular features as they give me the opportunity to explore a subject in a bit more depth, over a longer period of time. I will continue to add regular features moving forward and when 90 from the ’90s concludes I do have something else in the pipeline.

I hope you like it.

OK, I think that’s enough for today. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and hopefully this gives you a bit more of an insight into this blog.

Until next time!


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