Welcome to 90 from the ‘90s; the movie-related post in which I watch, discuss and debate a film from the 1990s – a film that I’ve NEVER SEEN. This afternoon’s entry is…

Disclosure (1994)

What do I know about this movie?

Almost nothing.

I know Michael Douglas and Demi Moore are the stars of Disclosure and I believe the film is an ‘erotic’ thriller. I’ll be honest, Disclosure has pretty much passed me by.

Having watched a number of ‘erotic thrillers’ in recent months (Body of Evidence, Indecent Proposal, Poison Ivy), this is my last journey into this particular ’90s sub-genre. The erotic thriller genre didn’t interest me in the 1990s and it doesn’t really interest me now.

I just hope this film doesn’t suck.


You know what I mean.


*Clicks the play button*

2mins – Two minutes into this film and Michael Douglas is not having sex.

9mins – Still no sex.

13mins – Donald Sutherland has just turned up. He’s not having sex either.

14mins 30secs – Demi Moore has arrived and… I feel like some kind of sex is going to take place shortly.

18mins – If nothing else, the music is getting rather sexy.

24mins – So, Michael Douglas and Demi Moore work for the same company. Moore is Douglas’s boss and now the two of them are sat in Moore’s office, drinking wine. Hmm… I wonder where this is going?

26mins – Moore is propositioning Douglas.

32mins 50secs – Moore is coming onto Douglas; Douglas seems uncomfortable with what’s happening; yet they’re having sex.

33mins – Douglas has shut down the situation. Yeah, he’s not into this at all. It’s uncomfortable for him and uncomfortable to watch.

34mins – Moore seems very pissed off that she’s been told no.

39mins – And now Donald Sutherland is coming onto Michael Douglas?!

39mins 50secs – Oh, that was a dream. Douglas is having a nightmare, influenced by his encounter with Moore. His nightmare involves being tongued by Donald Sutherland.

45mins 25secs – Moore is claiming that Douglas sexually harassed her. Douglas denies it.

50mins – No one believes what Douglas is saying.

52mins – This film is a lot more interesting than I expected.


53mins – Douglas wants to sue for sexual harassment.

1hr 3mins 30secs – Douglas is being asked to apologise.

1hr 5mins – This film is flipping stereotypes to explore sexual harassment and rape from a different perspective.

1hr 8mins – Disclosure isn’t what I would class as an erotic thriller. It discusses sexual themes, but it’s not really erotic. It is a thriller though and I am interested to see where this story is going to go.

1hr 12mins – Demi Moore is being interviewed about the encounter. She is dressed more conservatively and her whole demeanour is different. She sounds pretty believable.

1hr 22mins – The way this situation is playing out highlights how people form opinions and take sides.

1hr 30mins – Douglas has a tape recording which might prove his innocence.

*Checks time*

There’s still 37 minutes to go. Yeah, that tape won’t solve this case.

1hr 34mins – Hmm… maybe it will. Moore’s side of the story is starting to sound like BS.

1hr 35mins – There’s still another 30+ minutes in this movie, so a twist is coming.

1hr 41mins – Regardless of the outcome of the sexual harassment case, Douglas is still going to be fired over some defective computer software. Ah, this is the twist. Yeah, I’m less interested in this new wrinkle.

1hr 48mins – Erm… this movie has just segued into a bizarre techno-thriller. Douglas has entered the world of virtual reality (watch out for the Lawnmower Man) and Moore is now some kind of uber-villain. WTF?!

1hr 57mins – Moore’s plan to discredited Douglas has failed. Take that, Moore!


2hrs 3mins – With Moore out of the company, a new boss has taken her place. No one is having sex in the work place and everything is right with the world again. Hurrah! Everyone can get back to work again with no more problems ever likely to occur. Well, that is until someone leaves the milk out. Or forgets to replace the paper in the photocopier. Or makes a mess in the staff room, then refuses to clear it up. Or someone brings up a discussion about Brexit.

*Clicks stop*

For the most part, Disclosure is a really interesting movie which opens up the discussion on harassment in the work place. There’s even a brief hint of Michael Douglas’s character suffering PTSD.

However, some of the ideas are never fully formed and it’s a real shame. Why is the PTSD aspect never taken further?

The film also drops the ball during the final act, becoming a generic thriller in the process. Don’t get me started on seeing Michael Douglas wearing a VR headset.

If you’ve never watched Disclosure and you plan to give it a go, then watch the movie up to the final 30 minutes and switch it off. You can then makeup your own ending and imagine Disclosure as a better movie.

Not bad, but it had the potential to be a much stronger film.

78 movies down, which leaves just 12 films to go!

But what will they be?

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