Around a week ago (has it only been a week?), I published a post called: Getting to know It’s A Stampede!. If you’ve not read the post yet, you should – you’ll learn more about this blog and the person who keeps writing these words.

Today I’m presenting Part 2 – a further look into the inner workings of this blog.


And me.

But before we get to that, time for a quick recap:

For those who are new to It’s A Stampede!, this blog is all about geeky things, and it’s written by me – Alexander Wiggan. It’s A Stampede! has been in existence for just over a year and so far the blog has covered a range of topics, from a rundown of all the Disney Animated Classics and a review of the Legends of Batman collection to a series of posts about Batman: The Animated Series and a guide to what order to watch the Bond movies in.

And that really is just the tip of the iceberg. A very tiny tip. In fact, this post that you’re reading right now is post number 1,934 of what has been written so far. So that’s an indication of just how much content is on It’s A Stampede! at present.

OK, recap over. Now let’s move on and talk about the inner workings of the blog and how they come to be.

To understand the inner workings of this blog, you kind of need to understand me.

This is me (at around the age of 3 years’ old). At the time this picture was taken (the 1980s) I was a big super hero fan. I’m still a big super hero fan now, but sadly that homemade Bat-suit doesn’t fit me.

I’ve put this image here to provide some context about who I am and what I like.

I am a proud geek

On a daily basis I think about geek things on the hour, every hour. From movies and TV shows to comics, toys, conventions and more, I love the world of geekdom!

It’s not that I have issues with the real world (well, maybe sometimes), but let’s be honest the make believe universes and multiverses created by Marvel, DC, Disney and many others are just so damn appealing!

On a weekly basis I watch and read lots of geek content and I regularly visit comic book stores, toy shops, cinemas and conventions/events, because I LOVE being immersed in geek culture.

Yesterday I watched old episodes of Saturday morning fave, What’s Up Doc?; I worked my way through a few episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series; I read up on this week’s movie/TV/comic news; and I sat in front of the TV watching Critical Role – Vox Machina: The Search for Grog One-Shot.

Critical Role is not something I follow, but my husband is a MASSIVE fan of the show (and of Matthew Mercer), so I see bits from time to time.

I also went on a toy hunt around Manchester (my home city), visiting Affleck’s Palace, Forbidden Planet and The Entertainer along the way. This is something I tend to do on a regular basis, often when I’m on the look-out for something new (or old).

Toy hunts are fun. I’ve never lost my interest in plastic playthings, plus looking at all these beauties (see above) reminds me of my youth.

And that’s another thing you should know – I am a nostalgia junkie. BIG TIME NOSTALGIA JUNKIE.

Honestly, I love looking back at the ’80s & ’90s and these two decades form the backbone of this blog. Not everything I write about comes from these decades, but I do gravitate back to this era quite often.

The shows, the comics and the movies that tend to feature on It’s A Stampede! often link back to my childhood and the imaginative characters I grew up on. I feel fortunate that a great deal of these characters are still in existence today, inspiring the next generation, and while they’re still around doing their thing, I’m over here doing mine.

A hub for ideas

As previously discussed, I see this blog as a great way to unload all my thoughts. So the blog is effectively a daily(ish) mind dump of all the things I’ve read about or thought about.

Sometimes those thoughts will transform into a lengthy discussion about movies or comic book characters, other times I may share a movie trailer that has caught my eye. If there’s a topic I really want to talk about, or a subject I want to get off my chest then I will use this blog as a space to do that.

I don’t expect everyone to share the same opinions as me – where’s the fun in that? What I’d like to do is simply provide my viewpoint and allow for others to provide theirs via the comments section of each post.

Discussion is a great thing. Through discussion, new ideas can be formed and opinions can be considered.

And here’s the important thing to note: There is no grand plan for It’s A Stampede!. I simply like writing and geeking out and I want to share that with like minded people.

Over time more and more people will stumble across my blog and this is great, but my ‘goal’ isn’t to be the biggest blog on the internet. It’s A Stampede! is here for me, for you and for anyone else who finds geek culture interesting.

Once again, thanks for stopping by.


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