Recently, I celebrated one year of It’s A Stampede!, and that got me thinking…

Isn’t it about time I talked more about this blog?

Heck, yeah!

So, today that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to draw back the curtain and reveal some of the inner workings of this blog.

By the end of this post, you should know more about It’s A Stampede!; more about me; and more about the magic and mystique that goes into putting out regular content. For starters, and for those who have yet to click on the ‘Behind the Stampede!’ link at the top of the page, here’s a short info blast about me.

  • Name: Alexander Wiggan
  • Age: Old enough
  • Married: Yes 
  • Location: Manchester (UK)
  • Occupation: Writer/blogger
  • Interests: Comics, movies, toys
  • Favourite food: Chinese
  • Favourite movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit
  • Favourite day of the week: Saturday

In addition to this, I’ve been writing both professionally and non-professionally for over a decade; I have a degree in film & television studies and a certificate in journalism; and… this blog isn’t my first rodeo!

Prior to setting up It’s A Stampede!, I used to run The Comics Code (which is sadly now defunct) and I spent four years as the main writer of the Honcho-SFX blog. I’ve also got years of experience as a magazine editor, and I’ve written and contributed to a number of publications.

The blog

OK, so that’s a little about me, but what about the blog and where exactly do I fit into all this?

Well, It’s A Stampede! is my blog. It has been in existence since February 1st 2018 (it’s very much in its infancy right now) and in essence it’s a pop culture blog covering movies, TV shows, comics and toys.

Why these subjects? Because these are all subjects I’m very interested in.

I figure, if I’m going to write about something on a regular basis then it really should be something that I like. You should always write about what you know and what you enjoy (or what pays you a decent wage).

Writing is my way of being creative, while at the same time releasing everything that’s in my brain. Sometimes my mind becomes like a sponge, soaking up news stories, opinion pieces and general thoughts, so having a blog is a great way of wringing out the ol’ grey matter.

I guess that’s why It’s A Stampede! is an eclectic blog. It is essentially what you get when I empty the contents of my head onto a page.

If you’re new to this blog then you may not have picked up on this yet, but the subject matter can vary considerably depending on what I’m thinking about at any one time. Sometimes I might post a review of Aquaman (2018) or a publish a discussion on why the Black Cauldron is Disney’s black sheep. Other times I might simply post 100 words to let you all know that Kath & Kim is on Netflix or I may wish to fill you in on the latest happenings with Manchester Pride.

You see, as much as I want this blog to adhere to some kind of remit (geek/sci-fi etc) there will be times where I go a little off topic. Again, this is due to the brain-dump nature I like to follow when being creative.

The important thing for me is to remain as consistent as possible, but to be informative too. If I come across a story or a subject that I know I’d like to read about, then I’m pretty certain I’d like to write about it too – and I will.

What’s in a name?

So, how did It’s A Stampede! come to be?

Well, at the end of 2017/the beginning of 2018 I was juggling a number of projects but none of them were specifically my own. I didn’t necessarily want to add to my workload, but at the same time I knew in order to be completely happy on a creative level I needed something that was mine.

A blog seemed the most obvious option, as I had plenty of experience in this field and it would be fairly manageable. Of course, I realised I’d need to spend sometime getting it off the ground developing content, but hey, who needs sleep?

As movies would fill up a large chunk of this blog, I also figured that a film reference or a movie quote should provide the inspiration for its name. Nothing too wordy – who has time for that?

After some consideration, the 1995 Robin Williams family film, Jumanji provided me with a line that could sum up the blog. It’s A Stampede! would be various stories of all shapes and sizes, coming along in quick succession, just like a stampede!

And that’s how It’s A Stampede! started and has pretty much operated since Day One. Sometimes I fling stories up on here with such a quick pace, I’ve barely had time to think about them, but that is the way things go.

Back to the future

As I now look to refine and develop the blog I will be tweaking it a little here and there. Oh there’ll still be an eclectic feel to the blog, but I won’t necessarily be publishing about every single development that happens in the geek realm.

So, for example, instead of posting every single movie trailer that grabs my interest, I’ll now just share/discuss the ones that are significant. I’ll also be throwing in a few more personal touches, so you can get to know me and the blog a little better.

I don’t always want It’s A Stampede! to be a faceless collection of words on a page. So to that end I’ll be sharing more convention/event/geek photos, so you can see what I get up to when I’m not blogging (see below), and I’ll be encouraging social engagement through the comments section and through my Instagram account, which is very geeky.

From the moment I envisioned It’s A Stampede!, I wanted it to feel like a club or a community hub, where like-minded people could drift to if they needed some light relief or escapism. My posts detailing the order of the Halloween movies or the toys I’m collecting might not be the most important topics of the day, but to some people they might make a small difference.

And ultimately that’s what It’s A Stampede! is here for – to make a difference. It might not be life changing, but if this blog offers five minutes of entertainment (or distraction) for you or me, then it’s achieved it’s goal.

Any questions?

Well, if you do have questions then make use of the comments section below or the comments sections on any of the posts you want to engage with. Discussion and conversation is always fun.

OK, that’s enough for today. Hopefully you know me and It’s A Stampede! a little better and if not… then take a look at all the posts on this blog – there are more than 1,900 of them!

Thanks for stopping by.


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