You may recall that last week I published a post highlighting some of the toy lines I’m currently collecting (TMNT, Funko etc). During said post, I mentioned the toy lines I want to start delving into, with one such line being Mighty Max.

*Drum roll*

Well… today I took my first step into the (teeny tiny) world of Mighty Max.


My first set was Lashes the Lizard – a set I picked up from a toy seller on Instagram. Check it out…

The top left/top middle shots are from inside Lashes. Bottom shot is Lashes in all his glory.

I never followed the Mighty Max line when I was younger, so these toys pretty much passed me by, but I’m really digging them now. Just look at how cool and colourful he is!

I also love the feel/design of compact toys like this, so I will definitely be keeping Mighty Max on my radar. I often see MM sets at collectors fairs/conventions, so I will be on the look out for another set in the not too distant future.