The first official trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home dropped earlier today. Well… actually TWO Spider-Man: Far From Home trailers dropped today – the regular trailer and the international trailer.

The trailers share a lot of the same footage, but there are a few differences.

If you’ve missed the trailers, here they are…

The regular trailer:

The international trailer:

OK, so those were the trailers; now what are points of note from the footage?

Aunt May is fine with Spidey

Image: ©Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Aunt May seems fine with Peter Parker being Spider-Man. Not only does May enlist Spidey’s help for a charity event, but she also encourages Peter to take his costume on vacation.

Uncle Ben is still a part of the story

Image: ©Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

Check out the initials on Peter’s suitcase – BFP.

Yep, Benjamin F. Parker – Peter’s uncle.

Spider-Man meet Nick Fury

Image: ©Sony Pictures/Marvel Studios

During the course of Spider-Man: Far From Home, Nick Fury meets Spider-Man for the FIRST time. This means the two characters DO NOT meet in Avengers: Endgame.

Of course, the fact that both characters appear in this trailer confirms they also survive the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

New suit

Spidey gets (another) new suit!

Could this be a S.H.I.E.L.D stealth suit?

Multiple villains?

And finally, could Spider-Man: Far From Home contain more villains than expected, or is this a ruse?

During the course of the trailer(s) we see at least three villains in addition to Mysterio – the chief villain of the movie. Early rumblings suggest these guys are the Elementals – a group of element-based villains.

But could these guys simply be illusions created by Mysterio?

What else did you spot? And what do you think of the new trailer(s)? Sound off in the comments section.