Over the years, the late, great Stan Lee has popped up in movies and TV shows, both in person and via the use of animation. Since his passing in 2018, we’re now beginning to reach a point where his cameos will be few and far between.

But, what is Stan Lee’s final cameo in animation?

A role in the cartoon series, Marvel’s Avengers: Black Panther’s Quest.

Lee appears in the episode, T’Chanda, where he plays the part of an army general. During his appearance, Lee gets to highlight an important message about hate while standing face-to-face with bad guy, Arnim Zola.

Speaking about the cameo, via Marvel.com, Marvel’s Senior Vice President, Animation & Family Entertainment, Cort Lane, said:

“It’s bittersweet, but I’m so glad we were able to capture a message that was very true to how Stan felt about the world and that inspired him to write a lot of the stories that he did.”

The episode airs in the US today, Sunday 13th January, on Disney XD.