It’s been a busy week this week (outside of the blog), so instead of throwing a load of posts at you, here’s one big post featuring a bunch of news.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Image: ©Sony Pictures/Marvel

This week, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse picked up a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature at the 76th Golden Globe Awards. The movie faced stiff competition from the likes of The Incredibles 2 and Isle of Dogs, but stood out from the crowd to bag this prestigious accolade.

Commenting on the win (via The Hollywood Reporter) Peter Ramsey, one of the three directors behind Into the Spider-Verse, said: “Anyone can wear the mask; everyone is powerful and everyone is necessary, and that is the spirit of the movie.”

How many PS4s have been sold?

At the beginning of the week, Sony Interactive Entertainment released figures for the overall sales of Playstation 4. To date, the PS4 has sold more than 91.6 million units globally.

The PS4 has outperformed the sales of PS3s, but has yet to beat Sony’s best-selling console, the PS2. Prior to its discontinuation in 2013, the PS2 sold 155 million units.

Captain Marvel: Special Look

Marvel Entertainment released a sneak peak at forthcoming super hero epic, Captain Marvel. The (very) brief video can be watched below:

Justice League vs. The Fatal Five cast announcement

DC animated movie, Justice League vs. The Fatal Five has added three legendary voice actors to its cast. Those actors are as follows: Kevin Conroy (Batman), Susan Eisenberg (Wonder Woman) and George Newburn (Superman).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Conroy, Eisenberg and Newburn will be reprising their roles from Justice League/Justice League Unlimited. They will join a cast that includes Tom Kenny (Bloodsport), Kevin Michael Richardson (Mr. Terrific) and Tara Strong (Saturn Girl), amongst others.

Venom 2 gets the go-ahead

Image: ©Sony Pictures

Sony Pictures has officially given the go-ahead for Venom 2. According to Variety, the movie is being written by Kelly Marcel, one of the writers of this year’s monster hit.

Yeah, I may not be a big fan of Venom (that’s putting it mildly), but it’s fair to say it has been a huge success for Sony Pictures. During the course of 2018, Venom accumulated more than $855 million which is why Sony is so keen for another jaunt into this comic book world.

Netflix releases Polar trailer

And finally, Netflix has released a trailer for Polar. The movie stars Mads Mikkelsen as a top assassin with a price on his head.

Here’s the trailer…