Marvel Entertainment has thanked fans for taking the time to watch the first official trailer for Avengers: Endgame.

Taking to social media, Marvel Entertainment said:

“To the greatest fans in the world, thank you for being there from the beginning til the endgame and making Marvel Studios #AvengersEndgame the most viewed trailer in history with 289M views in 24 hours!”

It’s not the only thank you this weekend – Captain Marvel star, Brie Larson has also been thanking fans. Yesterday, Larson appeared at Brazil Comic Con where she met many fans.

Taking to social media, Larson said: “To all the fans who came to the Marvel Panel at Brazil Comic Con today, enjoy this exclusive poster!!!! I’ve loved exploring your country so I felt like the least I could do is gift you a drawing of myself! I’m not egotistical I promise. I’ll get you a drawing of Goose next time.”

For those who are wondering, Goose is Captain Marvel’s cat.

Anyway, thanks all round.