You may have read this in the news today, but for those who have missed it, Odeon is shortly set to re-open its cinema in London’s Leicester Square. The cinema – known as Luxe – has been refitted with new seating, all the latest tech and by all accounts has been refurbished to create the ultimate movie experience. 

So far, so good, right?


Well yes – however, the new cinema includes a new seating strategy which comes with a hefty price tag.

How hefty?

Well, how about £40.75 per ticket?

Try not to choke on your popcorn.

Not all seats are this price and this £40.75 charge does depend on where you sit, but if you wanted to book a ticket to see Mary Poppins Returns over Christmas, the best seat in the house during prime time could set you back a smidge over £40.

In a statement, via the BBC, Odeon has addressed concerns about the pricing, commenting: 

“Price choices vary and flex depending on a number of factors including seat type and location in the auditorium, what we’re showing, time of day, and the number of people booking at one time.


“The first week of the biggest film of the year during the festive season is obviously peak, and guests can expect prices will flex throughout the year.”

The cinema will cater for those who don’t have £40 to spend on a ticket, with £10 tickets available along with other price points depending on where you sit, but what do you think? Should Odeon charge £40 a ticket to see a film?

Back in May, I published a post about cinema prices and highlighted pricing as one of the main reasons why I believe people are skipping the cinema experience altogether. Seeing this news today about Luxe baffles me – surely this can’t be a good thing?


I get that no one is being made to go to this cinema; it is located in Leicester Square; there are other pricing options available; and it is a high-tech venue; but even so, £40 is a heck of a chunk of change to cough up for one film. The minimum wage in the UK is currently £7.83 per hour, so you’d need to work over five hours just to afford a seat!

It could be argued that other forms of entertainment (theatre, concerts, sporting events) ask for a similar price or higher for tickets, but is it really the same? Are you not paying for the live experience with these forms of entertainment?

I would like thoughts on this. Would you pay £40 for a cinema ticket? Do you think people will pay this price or will these seats remain empty for the vast majority of performances? 

Sound off in the comments section.

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