Are you sat there asking the question: When will the third season of A Series of Unfortunate Events arrive on Netflix?

Well, ask no more, for Netflix has released a new trailer for A Series of Unfortunate Events Season Three, which has the answer.

Will you have to wait long?

Nope – although the new season won’t drop in 2018.


However, it will drop at the beginning of 2019.


At the very beginning of 2019.

A Series of Unfortunate Events Season Three arrives on Netflix on New Year’s Day 2019 (aka January 1st). So, if you’re feeling a little delicate in the aftermath of the New Year’s Eve party, or you’re dreading a return to work, know that you can at least immerse yourself in the gruesome world of Count Olaf and the Baudelaire children.

I suppose now I know when Season Three is due, I should hurry up and watch Season Two. Oh Netflix, why do you bombard me with such fantastic programming?!