And so, I’ve reached the end of 60 Days of Halloween.

This morning, to finish off this year’s Halloween-a-thon I started the day with the most recent episode of Inside No. 9Dead Line (2018). For those unfamiliar with this episode, it is the Halloween special which aired live on BBC 2 earlier this week.

I watched the episode on BBC iPlayer (so, not live) and it captivated and scared me in equal measures. It’s such a good episode!

I don’t want to give too much away, as it is really worth 30 minutes of your time (without spoilers), but if you are old enough to remember Ghostwatch then this is something you really must watch.

Incidentally, every episode of Inside No. 9 is currently on iPlayer, so if you fancy a marathon session today, you know what to do.

Right that’s pretty much it for this year’s Halloween-a-thon – and what a Halloween-a-thon it’s been!

From Onibaba to Inside No.9; from Grimmfest to John Carpenter; and from fancy dress to bucket loads of candy, I’m pretty much Halloweened out. But before I sign off, here’s a quick blast of (almost) everything I did for Halloween 2018.


I think I need a lie down.

*Wipes sweat from brow*

Whatever you’re doing for Halloween, have a good one and maybe we’ll do this all again next year.

Happy Halloween.