It’s almost Halloween, which means this year’s Halloween-a-thon is coming to an end.

So, what did I pick as one of my final choices?

An episode of Round the Twist, of course!

For those unfamiliar with the show, Round the Twist was a quirky, Australian children’s TV programme about a young family and their encounters with strange and often spooky situations. The show was initially based around the books by children’s author, Paul Jennings and ran for four seasons between 1989 and 2001.

Yeah, between 1989 and 2001 – that’s not a typo! Round the Twist clocked up 52 episodes throughout its four season run, but those four seasons were spread out across 11 years!


In the UK, Round the Twist was extremely popular and received a number of repeat broadcasts on the BBC throughout the early 1990s. The show popped up on Nickelodeon during the late ’90s and the theme tune was recently used on Sainsbury’s Halloween advert too.

Anyway, the episode I opted for this morning was the very first episode of Round the TwistSkeleton on the Dunny (1989). Should you want to watch it yourself then you can check it out below.

Incidentally, all 52 episodes of Round the Twist are currently available to watch for FREE on YouTube, via the official Round the Twist YouTube channel. So, should you want to reconnect with the series – and that rather catchy theme tune – then head on over to YouTube and fill your boots!

A Round the Twist/Halloween marathon, anyone?

60 Days of Halloween concludes tomorrow…