60 Days of Halloween continued this weekend with a double-dose of John Carpenter-themed fun.

First up, last night myself, my husband and one of my best friends went to the local cinema to check out the new movie, Halloween (of which John Carpenter co-wrote the music). During the early hours of this morning I published a post detailing my thoughts, which you should check out, but in short I LOVED it!

Laurie Strode

Image: ©Universal Pictures

Our local cinema charges a bargain price of £4.99 per ticket at present, which is pretty decent compared to the inflated prices at some cinemas. However, last night, because Halloween was such a big deal for us, we upgraded our tickets to a ‘Scene’ screening, which provided us with access to a VIP section of the cinema.

For £15, we were able to sit upstairs in the balcony area (on leather seats no less), with access to refillable soft drinks, popcorn and nachos all included in the price. In addition, we also had access to the Scene Bar – a private bar that we were able to relax in prior to the screening.

It’s rare that we upgrade, but on this occasion it seemed like a great option as it made going to watch Halloween more of an event. Plus, who doesn’t want refillable nachos?!

Anyway, we loved the experience, loved the film and judging from the reaction of the audience, Halloween was a big hit all round!

So that was Saturday. For today’s excursion into realm of horror, we’re off to watch John Carpenter in concert at the Manchester Albert Hall!

I saw John Carpenter in concert back in 2016, when he did a similar set in Manchester. The venue that was used in 2016 – after a last minute move from the Albert Hall – wasn’t great, but the concert itself was fantastic so I’m very excited about tonight’s performance.

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow, as I enter the final ten days!