If you’ve been to see Venom at the cinema and you stuck around for the first end credit scene (which appeared a couple of minutes into the credits) then you might be asking the question, what was all that about?! Well, I’ve got the answer for you – just read on for more details.

To recap: After the initial run of credits, a scene opens up at a maximum security prison where Eddie Brock (aka Tom Hardy) is on an assignment to interview one of the inmates. Brock is warned that this inmate is particularly nasty, leading to the introduction of a red-headed prisoner.

The prisoner isn’t named, but eagle-eyed audiences will note that the prisoner is played by actor, Woody Harrelson. The character briefly speaks to Brock, noting that when he gets out of prison “there’s gonna be carnage”.

The scene then fades back out to the credits.

So, what was the Venom end credit scene all about?

Well, comic book fans will know this character as the Spider-Man villain, Carnage – aka serial killer, Cletus Kasady. In the comics, Kasady shared a prison cell with an incarcerated Brock, which led to him bonding with a symbiote of his own – an offspring of Venom.


Image: ©Marvel Comics

Calling himself Carnage, Kasady broke out of prison and went on a murderous rampage, causing Spider-Man and Venom to team-up in order to stop him – which they did. But Kasady was only temporarily subdued, returning time-and-time again to cause death and destruction.

Carnage shares similar super power to Venom, with a few differences, but is a far deadlier character. You see, while Venom is kept in check by Eddie Brock’s sense of morality, Kasady is nothing but a remorseless killer so Carnage is able to kill at will.

Carnage venom

Image: ©Marvel Comics

So, why was Kasady included in the end credit scene of Venom? Simple – his appearance is a set up for the sequel.

It is being suggested that Cletus Kasady/Carnage will appear in the next Venom movie. His brief appearance in this movie was to tease fans about what’s to come.

And now you know.