60 Days of Halloween continued this morning with an old favourite – The Simpsons.

Every year, pretty much since the show began, The Simpsons has aired a Halloween-themed episode under the banner name of Treehouse of Horror. To date, 28 of these episodes have aired across the previous 29 seasons, with the 29th episode set to hit screens on October 21st as part of Season 30.

The Treehouse of Horror episodes of The Simpsons rank amongst some of my favourites and are now the only new episodes of the show that I watch. They are also the episodes that I regularly revisit each year as part of my Halloween marathons.

This morning I went back to one of my favourites – Treehouse of Horror V (1994). The episode is the one that includes a parody of The Shining (The Shinning), along with the tales Time and Punishment and Nightmare Cafeteria.

Had I had more time this morning then I would have watched a few more episodes, but alas that was not to be. Maybe next year.

60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow…