Earlier today I posted two new trailers – one was for Pet Sematary – an adaptation of the Stephen King horror story – and the other was for The Christmas Chronicles – a Christmas-themed tale starring Kurt Russell.

I thought I’d follow up these two trailers with yet another trailer, only this time one which mixes the horror & Christmas themes together.

Folks, here is the trailer for Anna and the Apocalypse – a Christmas-themed zombie musical!

Directed by John McPhail, Anna and the Apocalypse is a British movie distributed by Orion Pictures. The movie hits cinema screens in November and by all accounts is very good.

The film received its premiere at Fantastic Fest back in September, where the critical response was positive. It was screened last weekend at Grimmfest, as the closing movie of the event, but alas I didn’t stay to see it as tiredness had taken over.


Anyway, check out the trailer and see what you think.