60 Days of Halloween continued this evening with Scream – arguably the most iconic horror movie of the 1990s.

I picked Scream as today’s movie of choice because not only do I enjoy watching it (I’ve seen Scream far too many times to count), but it is also one of a handful of movies which got me interested in the horror genre in the first place. Back during the late ’90s, when I first stumbled across the likes of Halloween (1978), Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and Psycho (1960), Scream was there to show me what modern horror could be like and I loved it!

When I first watched Scream, the movie captured my imagination with its slick approach to horror and its ability to balance mystery, comedy and scares in one neat package. Watching the film again today, I believe it still stands up as a great little movie which knows exactly what it wants to do!

In addition to watching Scream, earlier today while walking through Manchester I noticed more Halloween decorations have been installed in the city centre. I thought I’d share a shot on the blog, so those who don’t live in Manchester can see how the city celebrates Halloween!

How cool is this?


60 Days of Halloween continues tomorrow…