Day 38 of 60 Days of Halloween and today’s choice was the horror comedy, Arachnophobia. Released in 1990, the movie stars Jeff Daniels, John Goodman and Julian Sands and focuses on a small American town overrun by deadly spiders.

I was fairly young when Arachnophobia was released in cinemas and don’t think I saw the movie until it popped up on TV screens a couple of years later. I recall being creeped out by the film on the first watch (not necessarily scared by it) and genuinely loved it.

Over the years, I’ve revisited Arachnophobia numerous times and on every occasion I enjoy it a little bit more – especially when it comes to John Goodman’s performance. Goodman acts as if he’s in a completely different film to everyone else and his character (an exterminator) brings a light touch to the more darker elements of the story.

Arachnophobia is such a fun movie and one that gets overlooked far too often. If you’ve never seen it, and you can handle 110 minutes of spiders, then give it a watch.

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