This weekend is New York Comic Con – one of the biggest geek events of the year. The con is second only to San Diego Comic Con for bringing a wealth of geek-based news to fans.

NYCC is the last big con of the year and as such all the major studios will be looking to promote next year’s big releases this weekend. And of course, this means NYCC is the best opportunity for Marvel Studios to drop something big regarding their forthcoming movie slate.

Will the studio seize this opportunity?

Hmm… I think so.

Earlier today, Comixology launched one of its latest sales – The Marvel NYCC Sale. The sale – which includes 50 items – focuses on only a few Marvel titles, suggesting these books have been included for a reason.

The books featured are Avengers, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Fantastic Four and the X-Men-related story, House of M. House of M is significant in the Marvel Universe as it looks at what life is like if the world had forgotten that mutants existed.

No more mutants

Image: ©Marvel Comics

Whenever Comixology launches a sale – specifically around a con – the titles featured have some connection to a new release or a news story. We know that Captain Marvel has a movie out next year and we know Avengers 4 is around the corner, but why include Fantastic Four and House of M?

Could it be that this weekend we’re getting some BIG Marvel news? Could that news have anything to do with the introduction of the Fantastic Four & the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It’s all worth considering. It’s also possible we’re getting a trailer for Avengers 4 this weekend too.

Keep your eyes peeled.