I’m almost halfway through this year’s Halloween-a-thon and today I’ve made time for an episode of the 1972 supernatural anthology series, Ghost Story.

Last year, during my epic 270 Days of Halloween, I watched an episode of Ghost Story – the pilot episode, The New House. I didn’t get time to watch any additional episodes, so this year I thought I’d continue where I left off.

The episode I opted for this time around was House of Evil – a story about a young girl (played by Jodie Foster no less) and her evil grandfather. The episode was suitably creepy and provided the perfect viewing material for an early morning dose of the macabre.


If I get time, I will come back to Ghost Story as I like the show. We’ll just have to see what the next 31 days brings and whether or not I can find the time.

And should you want to watch an episode of Ghost Story – or follow-up show, Circle of Fear – you’ll find them all on YouTube. Happy viewing.

60 Days of  Halloween continues tomorrow…